Super Mario Bros. 2 to hit the Wii U Virtual Console this week
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Players have another oppurtunity to make sure Wart is getting his five a day! Nintendo recently announced that Super Mario Bros 2 is coming to the Virtual console service for North American Wii U users on 16/05/2013.


By Super Mario Bros. 2 of course, I mean the one we got in the West which was the remake of the lesser known Japanese title Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters in (a great game none the less) because Nintendo Japan considered their version of SMB2 a bit tough for us ;-)


The launch cost of the game will be 4.99 USD - less than Super Mario World which was the first oldschool Mario title to hit the virtual console for Wii U at 7.99 USD.

Trailer for Super Mario Bros 2 on Wii U Virtual Console.

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