Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Cheats & Tips (Game Boy Colour)

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (GameBoy Color) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Mario Bros. Deluxe GBC


Begin with 10 lives
Before starting a new game, go to the fortune teller (in the toy box) and keep selecting cards until you draw the "Extremely Lucky" card. Then begin game.


Change view
Press Select during game to switch from centre to edge view. Hold Up or Down to move camera up or down.


Erase Your Game
If you’re interested in erasing your save files on the game and can’t figure out how, do the following. Go to Original Mode, then (on the menu) press start, hold select and press A over the “clear” option. This will erase everything, including high scores, challenge scores, photo albums, and more


Play as Luigi
Press Select at the map screen.


Race the Black Boo
To race the black boo in the "You Vs. Boo" mode, race the normal boo, get to the end of the race before the boo and hit the flag dead on. This will not work if you hit the pole either above or below the flag. The option of racing the black boo will only be activated in that level and can be deactivated the same way you activated it, by hitting the flag dead on before the boo reaches it.


Reveal Yoshi egg locations in Challenge mode
Locate a Yoshi egg, then select Yoshi's head in the toy box.


Select Mario's form
Press Select at "You VS Boo" bonus level on the mode selection screen to cycle Mario through his fire, normal and super forms. (Note: Cheat may also be activated in multi-player mode.)

Unlockable: Peach Medal
You must complete 32 levels in Challenge Mode with Red Coins, Egg, and High Score.

Unlimited continues
Hold A at the game over screen.

Unlockable: Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2
Score at least 300,000 points in the Classic game without continuing, saving or restarting game. A new "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players" mode will be unlocked.

Unlockable: "You vs. Boo" bonus levels
Score at least 100,000 points during a game. Then select Boo at the title screen.

Unlockable: "Lost Levels" bonus levels
Score at least 300,000 points during game. Then select Luigi at the title screen.


Unlockable: Toad Medal
To receive the Toad Medal, the most challenging award, you must complete the game, attaining the high score for all of its levels.

Unlockable: Select level
Successfully complete the first quest.


Unlimited lives
When a live is lost, hold A until the map screen appears.

Unlimited points
Kick the first turtle shell to the right in stage 3-2. Immediately run after the shell. It will run into enemies and earn an increasing number points as it goes. After it nets a 1-Up, let the shell hit your character and repeat for the desired points.


View fireworks
Successfully complete a level with a time that ends in a 1, 3, or 6.

Warp to Levels 2, 3, or 4
On stage 1-3 on the second system of lifts (after the red turtle), ride the lifts to the top of the stage and jump onto the top row of bricks. Run along these until you come to a pipe room and go down whichever pipe you want.

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