Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Wii title screen

Release dates

Australia November 29th, 2007
Europe November 16th, 2007
Japan November 1st, 2007
N.America November 12th, 2007

General information

Platform: Wii

Developed by Nintendo

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-2



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What's the one place large enough to stage Mario's biggest adventure? Outer space, of course. Super Mario Galaxy is the latest in a long line of Mario platformers that will make you change the way you look at video games. From the amazing diversity of galaxies and a new array of special suits for Mario to the incredible control scheme offered through the Wii Remote, Super Mario Galaxy is the ultimate Mario experience.


Whether you're a Mario master or playing one of his adventures for the first time, you'll actively jump from planet to planet with the motion-sensing and pointing capabilities of the controller. Mario's newest move - the spin move - is performed by giving the Wii Remote a quick shake. It's the most versatile move in the game and can aide Mario in his many discoveries. Additionally, the Wii Remote's pointer is used to collect Star Bits, which can be thrown at enemies to stun them.


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The Making of Super Mario Bros. 3





The Wizard movie





Videos - Gameplay, Trailers & Commercials


A gameplay video of Super Mario Galaxy released at Nintendo's Press conference at E3 2007.



A North American TV commercial for Super Mario Galaxy



A Super Mario Galaxy "Lets Play Together" commercial targetted at couples


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Trivia & Facts


  • Super Mario Galaxy begins with a letter being sent from Peach to Mario, as in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

  • The first playable version of Super Mario Galaxy was at E3 in 2006.

  • This was the first 3D Mario game where a Wiggler was not a boss, but a standard enemy.

  • The game was released under a slightly different name in Korea, roughly translating to Super Mario Wii: Galaxy Adventure

  • The third 3D Based platformer of the Mario series.

  • Super Mario Galaxy won a BAFTA.

  • The sequel to Super Mario Galaxy was announced at E3 in 2009.

  • A trading card game based on Super Mario Galaxy was released featuring items, characters etc from the game.

  • There are distinct similarities between Ricco Harbor minigame Blooper Safari from Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy's Surfing 101 and the Galaxy's Greatest Wave.

  • A planet in SMG looks very much like a huge version of a Megavitamin from Dr. Mario

  • Yoshi (well his head at least) can be seen as a small planet in Space Junk Galaxy. There are also eggs which are very much alike to that of Yoshi's in the Good Egg Galaxy.

  • The soundtrack for Super Mario Galaxy includes many remixes (albeit heavily remixed) of the Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack

  • Like in Paper Mario, Bowser steals the whole castle in order to capture Princess Peach.


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