[WAV] Super Mario Kart sound effects
Sound effects / music

Sound & Music - Sound effects

A collection of sound effects from the SNES version of Super Mario Kart in WAV format.

  Title   File size
  Boo   77K
  Boost   94K
  Boosteal   67K
  Coin   71K
  Cpu spin   52K
  Cpu throw   75K
  DK pass   29K
  Feather   52K
  Got hit   85K
  Got item   114K
  Item destroy   28K
  Item reel   308K
  Jump   25K
  Landing   9.4K
  Mario pass   20K
  Menu back   58K
  Menu move   15K
  Menu select   62K
  Race start   303K
  Shell bounce   16K
  Skidd   82K
  Spinout   77K
  Throw   69K
  Thud1   20K
  Thud2   20K
  Thudpipe   27K
  Weirdhitsound   102K
  Yoshipass   62K

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