Super Mario Land (Game Boy) enemies and bosses
Super Mario Land (Game Boy) enemies & bosses

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On his journey across Sarasaland and it's multiple Kingdoms, Mario encounters many interesting enemies. From sentient bullets to wild plant life, Mario seems to have no luck when it comes to avoiding random enemies or the henchmen of evil Spacemen. However, he is not powerless to stop them, as many of them can be beaten with a good old fashioned stomp or a blast in the face from a fireball. Here we will take a look at the ugly mugs that you will run into throughout Super Mario Land.

General Bad Guys

Enemy Name Description
Goombo The Goombos are an enemy that is found in Super Mario World. They resemble a large, walking mushroom that casually strolls along the level. They are easily squished but can hurt Mario if he walks into them.
Bombshell Koopa These Koopas are members of the Koopa Troopas that inhabit the Super Mario Land Game. Mario can stomp on these enemies, but they will explode after a short amount of time. They will walk along the levels, but will not run off of the edges like the Goombos.
Piranha Plant These monsters resemble a very large Venus Fly Trap. They live in the pipes throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and extended Mario worlds. They will shoot up through the pipe and bite Mario, causing him damage. They can also shoot variations of fireballs and projectiles as well. Mario must use a projectile attack to kill them, as stomping on them results in damage.
Bullet Biff Bullet Biffs are very large bullets that are propelled by rockets. They will shoot across the levels and sometimes even come out of pipes and cost Mario a life. If Mario manages to stomp on one horizontally, it will be easily defeated. The vertical Bullet Biffs cannot be stopped and must be dodged.

Birabuto Bad Guys

Enemy Name Description
Bun Bun These oversized bee enemies attack Mario from above with spears in Super Mario Land. Amrio can disable their wings by stomping on them or hitting them with a fireball, bringing them to the ground for a final stomp attack.
Fly These winged bad-guys hop towards Mario and can hurt in when they touch. You can jump and stomp on them like real flies, or shoot superballs at them.
Gao These dog-like enemies will remind you of sphinx without all of the neat riddles. They tend to stay in a single place and shoot fire at Mario. You can jump on them or use a superball to send them into the abyss!
King Totomesu (Boss Battle) This big-time baddie looks like the father of a Gao in that he is extremely large Lion-like sphinx. He is not big on riddles either. He jumps and shoots fire at you in a way that will give you Bowser flashbacks from Super Mario Bros. After he leaps up, you need to run underneath him to activate a switch that will send him into lava. You can also defeat him with 5 superballs to the face. Then it is onward to the Muda Kingdom!

Muda Bad Guys

Enemy Name Description
Honen These enemies are fish skeletons that were most likely picked clean by Tatanga. If you stand above them before they jump out of the water you will kill them, or simply jump on them. Unfortunately you cannot make fried fish with them because they are immune to superballs.
Mekabon These mechanical bad guys get so upset that they launch their heads at Mario. You can stomp on the head and then body, or wait for the Mekabon to reassemble before knocking off the entire monster
Yurarin Boo Have you ever seen a seahorse that breathes fire? That is exactly what the Yurarun Boo are and you have to be careful that Mario does not get hit by their blasts. They move around in the air and fire flames at Mario. They can be defeated by stomping or using two Marine torpedos to finish them.
Torion These are fully-fleshed fish with a taste for Mario. They like to swim in groups of three, but are easily dispatched by using some of the Marine torpedoes.
Yurarin These are the friendly relatives of the Yurarin Boo. They float in the water and serve as an obstacle for Mario, but they do not shoot fire at him. You can shoot them down with torpedoes or just swim past them.
Gunion These evil octopi can paralyze the Marine Pop submarine if you get too close, so it is important to take them out long range. However, when you shoot them, they will split into two different balls which must then be finished with another torpedo.
Dragonzamasu (Boss) If you thought that the Yurarin Boo was mean, then you are in for a long battle. He is in command of the Muda Kingdom and does not mean to go down without a fight. To beat him you need to avoid shooting the protective bubble which floats around the area. Then you have two options: shoot 20 torpedoes until he has been vanquished, or fire at the walls that are behind him to activate the switch that will defeat him instantly. The choices are yours, but watch out for the fireballs!
Tamao (Secondary Boss) This is the name of the ball that absorbs shots for his master, Dragonzamasu. He can’t be harmed and won’t try to harm Mario, so leave him alone and give his boss all of the torpedoes that he needs.

Easton Kingdom Bad Guys

Enemy Name Description
Tokotoko He is not as much fun as the name suggests. These large stone heads will charge headlong at Mario and cause damage to him, or kill him. You can stomp these monsters or even catch them while jumping, and they will be defeated.
Batadon These are leaping stone heads that have wings. As crazy as that may sound, you can still jump on them to dispatch them, but only while they are on the ground. This involves some good timing and a fair bit of luck as they can bunch up and become unpredictable.
Ganchan At first glance it may appear that you are witnessing a mere stone boulder. That is because this enemy is nothing more than a hopping boulder that travels across platforms that are mostly avoided or used as a means of jumping up to higher platforms. They have no discernible features other than roundness and hardness.
Suu These annoying spider bugs will drop down from the ceiling to attack and harm Mario. To defeat them, you must wait until they have landed and then jump on them or hit them with two superballs.
Kumo These are larger counterparts to the Suu, except these guys attack on the ground and then try to hop onto Mario. They are much like the fighter flies when it comes to battle tactics, and can be defeated using superballs or hopping on them when they land.
Hiyoihoy (Boss) This angry relative of the Tokotoko has arms and legs and an ugly stone mug that is looking to crush Mario. He is so angry that he throws Ganchan at him in an attempt to kill Mario. You must avoid these assaults, jump onto the stones, and then fire superballs at the boss until he is defeated. If you are feeling brave, then you can jump over the boss and hit the instant kill switch.

Chai Kingdom

Enemy Name Description
Pionpi This ghoul monster will try to jump on Mario. While you may be tempted to jump on them right back, this will only cause them to pause for a few seconds before resuming their assault at a faster rate. You need to lure them off of a platform or hit them with superballs to put them down for good.
Pompon Flower These flowers shoot poison into the air when Mario gets too close. You can jump on them, but this requires good timing to not be affected by poison. It is better to shoot them right in their big spore head and go about your business.
Roto Discs These are the indestructible orbs that fly in a circular pattern around stone blocks. Run, jump, duck, dash, or slide, but do not run into one of these!
Nyololin These are fire breathing snakes that you find in the Chai Kingdom dungeons. Their fire will go through walls and floors, so you need to hit them before they hit you. Squash them or give them a double-tap with superballs to put them down.
Chicken These chickens are launched from cannons and home in on Mario. They are not too much trouble, and can be avoided or turned into fried chicken with a superball in the beak.
Chikako When you are in the Sky Pop, these enemies will act as floating mines that will explode when you get too close. Either hit them with missiles or avoid them entirely!
Roketon These are enemy fighter plane pilots that will try to shoot you down. They can often fly past Mario on a strafing run, but Mario can also use his own missiles to down them from across the map.
Biokinton (Boss Guy) Do not take this guy lightly because he looks like a cloud. Yes, he may look like a happy cloud, but he will pelt you with angry chickens which you must shoot down or avoid. The only way to defeat him is by using your missiles and scoring consecutive hits against him.
Tatanga (The Big Bad Boss Guy) Here we have it. The big tamale. The head honcho. You will go head to head with him in your plane and he will stay in his lousy spacecraft. This battle is long, but easy enough for the hard-hearted. He will fire cannonballs at you that will split into three cannonballs after travelling a short distance. You must avoid these and hit him 40 times before he escapes the planet and acknowledges just how much of a tough guy Mario really is. After this alien is gone, you get to swoop in and pick up the princess in your ship, and fly home for some deserved rest.

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