[WAV] Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars sound effects
Sound effects / music

Super Mario RPG: Sound & Music - Sound effects

 A collection of sound effects from Super Mario RPG (SNES) including Mario, Battle, Geno, Mallow, Peach, Smithy and other enemy sounds in a WAV format.


  Title   File size
  !switch   32K
  1up   58K
  Battle chomp   50K
  Battle heal   145K
  Battle icebomb   173K
  Battle intense   33K
  Battle intense   38K
  Battle item   88K
  Battle punch   24K
  Battle repleni   177K
  Battle vigorup   129K
  Battlestart   61K
  Birds   94K
  Booster punch   83K
  Bowser laugh   64K
  Bowser poison   297K
  Bowser terrori   245K
  Cameo link   119K
  Character extr   136K
  Character power   129K
  Character scar   75K
  Click   19K
  Coin   53K
  Coinfrog   128K
  Correct   73K
  Door   34K
  Door Bowser's keep   139K
  Drop   33K
  Drybones crumb   41K
  Enemy aurorabe   308K
  Enemy bee attack   137K
  Enemy boss coin   382K
  Enemy boss die   79K
  Enemy bubble   399K
  Enemy bubble burst   28K
  Enemy chainedk   192K
  Enemy chomp   22K
  Enemy coroniab   164K
  Enemy crystal   97K
  Enemy crystalc   358K
  Enemy dead   44K
  Enemy death sic   59K
  Enemy death sta   167K
  Enemy diamonds   102K
  Enemy drain   103K
  Enemy fastmove   70K
  Enemy lullaby   455K
  Enemy lullaby2   513K
  Enemy mega drain   163K
  Enemy metorsta   246K
  Enemy petal bla   343K
  Enemy pierce   29K
  Enemy runaway   123K
  Enemy small attack   91K
  Enemy smithy ha   142K
  Enemy spike hit   84K
  Enemy spikethr   18K
  Enemy staticE   104K
  Enemy throw   46K
  Enemy willywis   107K
  Flower   57K
  Geno fingersho   42K
  Geno genobeam   135K
  Geno genoblast   414K
  Geno powerup   205K
  Geno stargun   181K
  Geno stargun fire   64K
  Geno transform   74K
  Ghost   78K
  Item   59K
  Item drink   48K
  Item mushroom   150K
  Item syrup   168K
  Jump   46K
  Lightning bows   154K
  Mallow symbols   113K
  Mallow symbols   157K
  Mallow snowy   278K
  Mallow thunder   184K
  Mallow thunder   155K
  Mario fireball   31K
  Mario giantshe   48K
  Mario hammer   40K
  Mario headshak   40K
  Mario hot   48K
  Mario jump   46K
  Mario kick   20K
  Mario pipe   67K
  Mario shell   21K
  Mario shower   1.3M
  Mario sleep   79K
  Mario swim   69K
  Peach Bowser   396K
  Peach come back   584K
  Peach mute   359K
  Peach mutefail   131K
  Peach parasol1   66K
  Peach parasol2   34K
  Peach warfan2   27K
  Save   104K
  Specialflower   72K
  Starflower   126K
  Trampoline   75K
  Vinegrow   262K
  Wrong   37K
  Yoshi   43K

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