Super Princess Peach Adventure

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On a sunny June day, Mario and Luigi decided that since summer had just begun, the weather was just right to go on a cruise with Peach. They made their plans and boarded the boat and were on their way! During the boat ride, Luigi decided to find the captain to ask him when they would be getting home. He went to the bow of the boat and the captain was none other than Boswer Jr.! He captured Luigi and Mario and put them in a sack but Peach escaped. She used her floating ability to go off the side of the ship and then she cut the rope on one of the lifeboats that was attached to the ship. She hopped in the lifeboat and rowed to her castle. When she arrived, she told Toadette what had happened. The two went to Koopa Airport, and they caught plan to Sarasaland. They arrived there and found super bells and went into the castle to tell Daisy. They also found Pauline and she went with them. They located Warioware Headquarters and found Mona and Ashley. The two girls made a rocket ship for them to go in. In space they found Rosalina. She had to watch the Lumas, but Polari said that he could do that. They went to the moon and found Waluigi. He tried to kidnap Daisy but the princesses repelled him with their parasols. The five of them were riding in the ship but then it crashed. Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina floated with their parasols and Toadette and Pauline were lucky enough to land on the world’s biggest pile of pillows. They found a portal to Bowser’s castle. After they entered the portal, they all stayed outside, except for Peach and Daisy, who had disguised themselves as Hammer Bros. Peach tripped, ripping part of her costume, and exposing her dress! Ludwig noticed this, and yelled, “IMPOSTER”! causing a mob of Shy Guys to chase her. Peach found the Vibe Scepter and used Gloom to make the floor wet with her tears so the Shy Guys would slip. Daisy came and she could hear Toadette screaming. That meant that Ludwig had gotten her! She had to do something…

When Daisy turned around, Peach was gone too! Private Goomp came but a teal parasol squished him flat. It was Rosalina and Pauline! Daisy pulled out a tennis racket and whacked a Paratrooper with it. A loose Chain Chomp came, but Pauline threw a dog biscuit in the other direction to distract it. Then the three girls ran away. Iggy and Larry found them, and all three were captured! Peach struggled out of the rope and she managed to escape once again. All of a sudden, Captain Toad drove in with a red kart. He drove toward the doors at top speed and broke the castle doors open! He used an Ice Flower and froze Ludwig. Then he used his headlamp to blind some Shy Guys, then he used a super pickaxe to break some weapons. Then Lemmy tranquilized him. Peach grabbed Captain Toad to keep him safe and ran with him. Peach found a Super Star and used it. Then she found eight double cherries. Then nine peaches appeared but only one was real and the others were clones. Then Captain Toad awoke! He used a super pickaxe to hit the Koopalings. Peach sprayed her perfume in Bowser Jr’s. eyes. She took out the Vibe Scepter and used Rage to burn Bowser’s minions and the Koopalings, including Bowser Jr. and his minions. She hurt everyone with her super star and due to the eight double cherries, it was nine times the pain! Everyone was about to be zapped by Bowser’s Death Ray, but in the last 10 seconds, Peach cut the rope open and everyone was saved!


Epilogue: The Bros got to the finish their cruise and nothing bad happened this time! A happy ending and an even happier epilogue!

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