[MIDI] Wario Land 3 (Game boy) music
Sound effects / music

Wario Land 3 (Game Boy)

Sounds & Music - Midi's

Title File size
Above the clouds day 7.1K
Above the clouds night 12K
A day in the woods 13K
Boss 11K
Colossal hole 3.0K
Credits music box 12K
Credits music boxsbliv 12K
Desert ruins 12K
Eastcrater 9.3K
Endboss 4.1K
Endboss2 12K
Ending 3.8K
Fatwario 1.6K
Fat Wario arranged 4.1K
Firewario 4.8K
Flatwario 2.5K
Frigid sea 1.4K
Frigid sea 2 5.3K
Golf bonus game 6.7K
Golf bonus game lost 341
Map daytime 11K
Map daytime remix 13K
Out of the woods arrange 8.8K
Out ofthewoodsarrange 13K
Out of thewoodsnight 4.7K
Out of the woods synth Remix 30K
Out of the woods v2 9.7K
Pool of rain day 9.6K
Pool of rain night 3.0K
Sea turtle rocks 17K
Sea turtle rocks2 12K
Snow man wario 3.2K
Spring wario 3.8K
Stage completed 598
Title screen 25K
Town in chaos 4.6K
Town in chaos 2 4.5K
Town in chaos night 7.3K
Treasure chart screen 3.6K
Vampire wario 2.9K
Volcanos base day 3.7K

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