What is the Impact of Online Gaming on Education?
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Online gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. With China leading the pack at USD 27.5 billion in revenues, India is no way behind. It has shown an impressive growth by jumping to the 17th rank worldwide from the 20th position. Expecting to clock revenues of over USD 818 million, online games are shaping up as the most anticipated growth sectors in the country.

Projecting an impressive growth trajectory in the coming days, it is equally interesting to know how online games are heavily influencing the education industry all over the world. While there was always a challenge for the teaching fraternity to strike the optimal balance between learning and entertainment, the impact of online games could not be undermined. Today, the advancements in the fields of technology and communication have put the education industry way ahead in its growth path owing to the deployment of innovative technologies in the education methodologies. On the other hand, online games - a growing entertainment source is being used to help students achieve learning objectives without the need to forgo fun associated with them.


Engagement is the key

The objective of education is to enable learning, while the outcome of online games is pure entertainment and in some cases rewards too. But, the key factor associated with online games drawing gamers towards them is the engagement factor. Online games are successful in establishing engagement with the gamers - a crucial element essential for education to be successful with students. Game-based learning will help create engagement among students and motivate them to learn more.

Improves cognitive learning

Cognitive skills are the fundamentals of any learning activity. Researchers have found that online games help improve cognitive skills like thinking, reading, remembering, reasoning and paying attention to the details. Especially, skill-based card games like online rummy have established themselves as games which require one’s cognitive skills in order to be successful in these games. Reputed rummy websites are known players in the industry offering a plethora of Indian Rummy games online with interesting variants such as Points, Pool and Deals rummy. An exposure to a vast variety of the games will definitely help you exercise your brain and become skillful in these games.

Hand-eye coordination

Online games irrespective of the device you play - console, PC, video or mobile games - has one of the most prominent benefits of them is the improved hand-eye coordination. Researchers have been successfully able to show the improved results of hand-eye coordination by playing games. Be it the role-playing games (RPG) or online rummy games based on your mental skills, perfect and swift hand-eye coordination is crucial to execute those winning strategies with the right moves. In education too, one of the aims of learning is to develop the coordinated functioning between hands and eye. With the inclusion of game-based teaching strategies, it is possible to achieve better hand-eye coordination and improved learning among students.

Introduction of new concepts

Using game-based teaching, it is definitely an easier and a better way to introduce students to new concepts of learning. An otherwise dull and uninteresting way of introducing new concepts could be made more interesting the games approach. It will help students develop critical thinking and take decisions based on the knowledge acquired by them.


Education aims at imparting knowledge; on the other hand, online games with their element of entertainment and instant responses create an unparalleled interest which could be best used in education too. 

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