Why Do Retro Games Like Mario Still Get So Much Love?
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Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the entire world and there are several different reasons why this is the case. Firstly, games have never been more in-depth and immersive than they are now. When people go on a game, they are no longer met with a 2D arcade, but instead, are thrown into a fictional world with characters who are relatable and flawed, storylines that are tense, and stakes that are legit. Secondly, competitive gaming means that the community surrounding gaming continues to grow, which is resulting in more people getting involved in the social side of it, being able to attend conventions and meeting like-minded people. Finally, the accessibility of these games also plays a massive part. People do not have to leave their houses to go to an arcade or buy an expensive console to get involved anymore. Instead, they have access to these games on their computers, tablet, or phone.

When you consider the above, it is clear as to why gaming is so popular, but also begs the question as to why so many people still insist on playing classic games, rather than some of these new and exciting titles. A lot of individuals much prefer the classics, like Mario, so why is this? The below article will explain in more detail the appeal of classic games.

Bah Dat Dat Doo Dat Dat Doo

If you sang that in the Mario theme style, then you are already halfway to understanding why people love playing these retro games so much. One lover of retro games commented on them recently. Chris Schrankck said on Twitch, “I think a big part of playing retro games is the feel of the game”, as he sat down and saw one of the classic Mario games.

“Playing retro games,” he continued, “you’re happy to be feeling like a kid again. As an adult, you have all these responsibilities and anxieties, and if you can just find a way to forget about that, even just for 15 minutes, it can help. I think if you can find something, anything, that can help you feel good, that’s a good thing.”

This level of nostalgia that comes with playing different online games is a massive part of why people play them so much. The games that are available to us today are good, of course, they are, but sometimes, their complexities and immersive nature can be too much to handle. The simplicity that comes with a lot of classic games takes people back to simpler times and, as such, is a more effective form of escapism than a realistic fantasy world contained in a VR headset

The Adaptation of the Old

Classic games are also valued because of the fact they haven’t been left behind as technology has progressed. Our classic games continue to be accessible, even if the gaming consoles that were used to play on them were decommissioned years ago. For instance, the Nintendo Switch has a pass that players can purchase which gives them access to a huge variety of the different Mario, Zelda, and other games that people grew up loving and that make up Nintendo’s history.

New technology also takes steps to modify classic games so that they still subscribe to the old ways but bring with them new twists. Casino games are an excellent example of this. Slot machines have always been popular, and this remains to be the case, as casinos have made the digital switch. When you go on a real money slots site, you have access to several different slot machines and the classic layout and nature of one of these games appeal to people. That being said, these games are also brought up to date with different themes and twists on rules, which means they’re fresh but are still received as classic. This embrace of the classic by the modern is a huge factor when it comes to their popularity.

The Throwback Influence

When you see a game that triggers a throwback for you, this can be massive when it comes to activating old memories which are lovely to revisit. This is part of the reason why a lot of new games that are being released are “old looking”. A lot of the new releases on consoles and apps that are out on mobile phones have a style to them which is reminiscent of the classic games, hence why so many people continue to keep playing.

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