Wrecking Crew 98 Cheats & Tips (SNES)

Wrecking Crew '98 (SNES) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Wrecking Crew '98 (SNES)


Unlock new levels

Level How to Unlock
Ending 1 Beat level 5, this will show Mario, Luigi and Peach reunite and Bowser being mad.
Ending 2 Beat level 5: Rematch, this will show the same as Ending 1, only Bowser gets really mad and attacks Spike for him failing.
Level 1: The Eggplant man Available at start
Level 2: Koopa Troopa Beat Level 1
Level 3: The Gotcha-Wrench Beat level 2
Level 4: Spike Beat level 3
Level 5: Bowser (Koopa) Beat level 4
Level 5: Rematch Beat level D,then go in the warp pipe
Level A Beat level 2 with a multiple of your Wins and the opponents losses in your time (Example: Your wins:3,Opponents losses:1,then you could get the time: 6:22)
Level B Beat level 3 with the multiple time thing
Level C Beat level 4 with the multiple time thing
Level D Just plainly beat level C


Unlock new characters

Character How to Unlock
Ancient Robot Beat the Ancient Robot in level D of story mode
Bowser (Koopa) Beat Bowser(Koopa)in level 5 of Story mode
Ghost Girl Beat the Ghost Girl in level B of Story mode
Koopa Troopa Beat Koopa Troopa in level 2 of Story mode
Luigi Beat Bowser in level 5 of Story mode, then watch the ending
Peach Beat Bowser in level 5 of Story mode, then watch the ending
Rice Bread Beat The Rice Bread in level A in Story mode
Spike Beat Spike in level 4 of Story mode
The Carpenter Beat the Carpenter in level C of Story mode
The Eggplant man Beat the Eggplant man in level 1 of Story mode
The Gotcha-Wrench Beat The Gotcha-Wrench in level 3 of Story mode


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