Nintendo 3DS and Wii game sections enhanced
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Bit of a mammoth update this week the likes of which I havent done since like 2003... All of our game info pages for all Mario titles on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii have been hugely enhanced. Also I did a section about Super Princess Peach roughly two years ago and forgot to link it - No wonder I always refer to that game as "little known". I'm fairly sure the term for that would be "EPIC FAIL".


Asides from that I realised that our Screenshots sections nearly all didn't work since I upgraded the site last, so that's all fixed today.


I'd also like to ask that if anyone who visits us happens to be someone who writes reviews of games; I have a few requests for reviews we're missing and would like to show our users some viewpoints of, these titles are:-

  • Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 3DS version

  • Fortune Street aka Boom Street (Wii)

Have you written a review on these games? would you be willing to? please contact me on luke AT classic-mario DOT net :-) We've also passed over 100 likes on our Facebook page so thanks to everyone for that.

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