Mario Golf: World Tour - New Course revealed
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Today we had another Mario Golf: World Tour teaser from Nintendo, for the first time we now have an underwater course - it's called Cheep-Cheep Lagoon. The below quote is what Nintendo 3DS UK had to say on their facebook page about the new course.


Mario Golf: World Tour Logo


"Hold your breath! Here’s an exclusive look at Cheep Cheep Lagoon, a previously unrevealed course in Mario Golf: World Tour. This underwater course has lots of obstacles to help and hinder play with slightly different underwater physics to challenge more experienced players."


And heres Nintendo of America giving us a first look. Am I the only person who after looking at that artwork really wishes there was going to be a Wii U version? How good would that gameplay look in HD.



But unfortunately, there is some rather bad news following this wonderful announcement, the tweet below indicates to me that humanity has taken a horrible turn for the worse, we can only pray that it was an ironic joke :-(



You can check out all three of the pictures below in full size, we've also added them to our Mario Golf: World Tour: Backgrounds and Courses Gallery


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