August 2013 Update
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Time for our next update, lots going on here at the moment, and lots more to come so here goes...


Our first competition is live, we have a free copy of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to give away in our Facebook competition. Simply visit our page and like and share the competition post to enter. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by Facebook message or email prior to it being announced on Facebook and the site.


Help wanted - We are looking for people to provide LETS PLAY videos for our YouTube channel and to be featured on the site. And we are paying $20 USD per game (via PayPal) for each one. If its of the newer games please try to do it in HD. Contact luke AT classic-mario DOT net for more info.


Forums - After a very long time of not being active because it was riddled with spam etc our Super Mario Bros Super Forums are back up and should be a lot more spam proof than they once were, so why not create an account today so you can interact with fellow Mario fans around the world, chat, play games, get help in any Mario game or making your own fan works etc, and if you intend on publishing any fan stories, artwork, comics or videos about Mario you've come to the right place - with our new community system you can sign up, set up your own author profile & post your own work direct to for the world to see!


Speaking of facebook... our next milestone on Facebook is fast approaching, we have nearly 4,500 Likes now, and once we get our google rankings back I'm sure this will grow quickly, on Google+ the Super Mario Bros Community we set up is growing nicely too, weighing in as I write this at 275 Mario fans, be nice guys and gals and help us get that to 300?


You know you play Mario too much when..... you do a LETS PLAY video series of Mario is Missing on the SNES. They should make people play that in Guantanamo bay.... definitely more Education than game but to give it one plus point, despite working in logistics for nearly 10 years - I actually did learn from it #shouldnthaveadmittedthat. I'll get these videos up on YouTube and the Mario is Missing (SNES) game page shortly... for anyone who has run out of paint to watch dry ;-)


Mario Collections showcase - a future section at, I'd like to make a section out of peoples Mario collections. Since Mario first emerged all those years ago (30 now!) there has been crazy amounts of Mario merchandise, dvd's, games, accessories and a whole lot more crazy but super cool in its own right stuff, I'd love if any visitors to this site who have a nice little Mario collection would share that with us here, either in the form of photos w/ some writing about it, or in YouTube video format. I've done a short video of my Mario shelf which is right behind me as I write this which you can see below... Please do excuse my accent; I've always feared doing commentary on my YouTube videos due to risk of troll brutality :-/


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