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Whether your Mario gaming began on the NES, the Wii or somewhere in-between - there is no doubt you are here because you liked it at least enough to type Mario into a search engine!


Mario & Luigi

This website is dedicated to Mario & Luigi and all that comes with them, from the early games such as the original Mario Bros. to the Mario games of today such as Super Mario Galaxy as well as the TV series, and a whole lot more.


We feature a variety of information including Guides, Cheats, Stories, Games and various forms of artwork from game box art to fan art, to official artwork from Nintendo. Our aim is to provide precise information about all the Mario games, as well as act as a central hub for all Mario Fan's to show their artwork, stories, comics and games to the world.


The website was launched on April 16th, 2010. Although this makes us a relatively new site, the founder did run one of the worlds most popular Mario sites from 2001-2005 (Super Mario Portal at www.marioportal.com) and we hope we can bring you even better Mario in the coming years.

Fan works

At Super Luigi Bros we are always looking for submissions of fan created works such as artwork, stories, comics even fan made games. Anything you've made in relation to Mario and would like to show the world then feel free to mail us with your creations and any descriptions or information that you'd like shown on its page and we'll put it up for you - we love to see all different creations from fellow fans of the Mario universe.



Mario throwing a shell Check out the work of other Mario Fans in the sections below


Need help?

Have a question about Mario, a Mario game - anything else related to Mario or the site? Drop us an email all entries will be published in the Mailbag with our response as soon as possible - if you need help & cant wait for that then visit the forums.

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