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Desktop Wallpapers from all of your favourite Mario games on the Wii, consisting of loads of high quality desktop wallpaper by Nintendo, in resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1200 - we have also tried to accommodate resolutions that may be in use by people with widescreen monitors and iPhones etc. If you have any wallpapers we are missing please do mail them to luke (at) classic-mario (dot) net, it doesn't have to be an official Nintendo wallpaper either, the work of fans is always more than welcome.


Mario Kart Wii

Title Resolution Size
Bikes 800x600 168kb
Bikes 1024x768 239kb
Bikes 1280x1024 345kb
Mario / Luigi 800x600 253kb
Mario / Luigi 1024x768 353kb
Mario / Luigi 1280x1024 195kb
Scene 800x600 183kb
Scene 1024x768 208kb
Scene 1280x1024 379kb


Mario Party 8

Title Resolution Size
Bowser 1280x1024 417kb
Mario Bros 1280x1024 559kb
Donkey Kong 1280x1024 461kb
Gang 1280x1024 491kb


Mario Party 9


Resolution Size
Mario Party Group 1 1024x768 328kb
Mario Party Group 1 1280x800 407kb
Mario Party Group 1 1920x1080 699kb
Mario Party Group 2 1024x768 400kb
Mario Party Group 2 1280x800 476kb
Mario Party Group 2 1920x1080 788kb
Mario Party Star Purple background 1024x768 148kb
Mario Party Star Purple background 1280x800 172kb
Mario Party Star Purple background 1920x1080 259kb


Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games

Title Resolution Size
Mario & Sonic 800x600 171kb
Mario & Sonic 1024x768 254kb
Mario & Sonic 1280x1024 276kb
Mario & Sonic (2) 800x600 126kb
Mario & Sonic (2) 1024x768 190kb
Mario & Sonic (2) 1280x1024 224kb
Scene 800x600 156kb
Scene 1024x768 227kb
Scene 1280x1024 357kb


New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Title Resolution Size
Heroes 1280x1024 729kb
Heroes 1920x1200 957kb
Heroes (2) 1024x768 211kb
Heroes (2) 1280x768 258kb
Heroes (2) 1280x800 108kb
Heroes (3) 1280x1024 280kb
Heroes (3) 1600x1200 418kb
Heroes (3) 1920x1200 500kb
Heroes (4) 1280x1024 556kb
Heroes (4) 1920x1200 866kb
Items 1024x768 715kb
Items 1280x768 870kb
Items 1280x800 906kb
Items 1280x1024 997kb
Items 1600x1200 1.33mb
Items 1920x1200 1.60mb
Items (2) 1024x768 750kb
Items (2) 1280x768 913kb
Items (2) 1280x800 953kb
Items (2) 1280x1024 1.01mb
Items (2) 1600x1200 1.39mb
Items (2) 1920x1200 1.66mb
Koopalings 1024x768 535kb
Koopalings 1280x1024 787kb
Koopalings 1920x1200 1.14mb
Mushroom Kingdom 1024x768 802kb
Mushroom Kingdom 1280x1024 1.20mb
Mushroom Kingdom 1920x1200 1.92mb
Powerups 1024x768 735kb
Powerups 1280x1024 1.02mb
Powerups 1920x1200 1.57mb


Mario Strikers Charged

Title Resolution Size
Bowser 800x600 385kb
Bowser 1024x768 554kb
Bowser (2) 800x600 282kb
Bowser (2) 1024x768 490kb
Daisy 800x600 226kb
Daisy 1024x768 398kb
Mario 800x600 249kb
Mario 1024x768 447kb
Mario / Bowser 800x600 259kb
Mario / Bowser 1024x768 345kb
Mario Strikers Charged 800x600 242kb
Mario Strikers Charged 1024x768 334kb
Peach 800x600 243kb
Peach 1024x768 346kb


Super Mario Galaxy

Title Resolution Size
Super Mario Galaxy 1024x768 558kb
Super Mario Galaxy 1280x768 625kb
Super Mario Galaxy 1280x800 648kb
Super Mario Galaxy 1280x1024 910kb
Super Mario Galaxy 1600x1200 1.22mb
Super Mario Galaxy 1920x1200 1.26mb
Super Mario Galaxy (2) 1024x768 622kb
Super Mario Galaxy (2) 1280x768 757kb
Super Mario Galaxy (2) 1280x800 789kb
Super Mario Galaxy (2) 1280x1024 968kb
Super Mario Galaxy (2) 1600x1200 1.29mb
Super Mario Galaxy (2) 1920x1200 1.43mb
Super Mario Galaxy (3) 1024x768 640kb
Super Mario Galaxy (3) 1280x768 679kb
Super Mario Galaxy (3) 1280x800 693kb
Super Mario Galaxy (3) 1280x1024 0.98mb
Super Mario Galaxy (3) 1600x1200 1.31mb
Super Mario Galaxy (3) 1920x1200 1.42mb


Super Mario Galaxy 2

Title Resolution Size
Mario & Big Blue Yoshi 800x600 113kb
Mario & Big Blue Yoshi 1024x768 564kb
Mario & Big Blue Yoshi 1280x1024 897kb
Mario & Yellow Yoshi 800x600 99kb
Mario & Yellow Yoshi 1024x768 613kb
Mario & Yellow Yoshi 1280x1024 947kb
Mario Boulder 800x600 121kb
Mario Boulder 1024x768 617kb
Mario Boulder 1280x1024 999kb
Mario, Yoshi, Yellow Luma 800x600 139kb
Mario, Yoshi, Yellow Luma 1024x768 733kb
Mario, Yoshi, Yellow Luma 1280x1024 1.08mb

Super Paper Mario

Title Resolution Size
Mr. L 800x600 216kb
Mr. L 1024x768 311kb
Mr. L 1280x800 356kb
Mr. L 1280x1024 456kb
Super Paper Mario 800x600 303kb
Super Paper Mario 1024x768 432kb
Super Paper Mario 1280x800 463kb
Super Paper Mario 1280x1024 597kb
Super Paper Mario (2) 800x600 552kb
Super Paper Mario (2) 1024x768 804kb
Super Paper Mario (2) 1280x800 976kb
Super Paper Mario (2) 1280x1024 1.13mb
Super Paper Mario (3) 800x600 255kb
Super Paper Mario (3) 1024x768 347kb
Super Paper Mario (3) 1280x800 430kb
Super Paper Mario (3) 1280x1024 467kb


Super Mario Allstars. 25th Anniversary Edition

Title Resolution Size
25th Block Jump 1024x768 127kb
25th Block Jump 1280x768 134kb
25th Block Jump 1280x800 139kb
25th Block Jump 1280x1024 187kb
25th Block Jump 1600x1200 236kb
25th Block Jump 1920x1200 248kb
Mario Evolution 1024x768 81kb
Mario Evolution 1280x768 100kb
Mario Evolution 1280x800 96kb
Mario Evolution 1280x1024 103kb
Mario Evolution 1600x1200 159kb
Mario Evolution 1920x1200 177kb


Super Smash Bros Brawl

Title Resolution Size
Characters 1 800x600 308kb
Characters 1 1024x768 465kb
Characters 1 1280x800 661kb
Characters 1 1280x1024 653kb
Characters 2 800x600 222kb
Characters 2 1024x768 311kb
Characters 2 1152x864 369kb
Characters 2 1280x960 428kb
Characters 2 1400x1050 487kb
Characters 2 1600x1200 620kb


Mario Super Sluggers

Title Resolution Size
Birdo 800x600 352kb
Birdo 1024x768 398kb
Birdo 1280x960 640kb
Birdo I-Phone 36kb
Bowser 800x600 497kb
Bowser 1024x768 548kb
Bowser 1280x960 860kb
Bowser I-Phone 46kb
Bowser Jr. 800x600 389kb
Bowser Jr. 1024x768 436kb
Bowser Jr. 1280x960 694kb
Bowser Jr. I-Phone 41kb
Cards 800x600 715kb
Cards 1024x768 1.06mb
Cards 1280x960 743kb
Cards I-Phone 77kb
Daisy 800x600 401kb
Daisy 1024x768 459kb
Diddy Kong 800x600 363kb
Diddy Kong 1024x768 212kb
Diddy Kong 1280x960 461kb
Diddy Kong I-Phone 36kb
Donkey Kong 800x600 392kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 228kb
Donkey Kong 1280x960 531kb
Donkey Kong I-Phone 38kb
Luigi 800x600 388kb
Luigi 1024x768 219kb
Luigi 1440x900 358kb
Luigi (2) 800x600 530kb
Luigi (2) 1024x768 775kb
Mario 1024x768 531kb
Mario 1280x960 479kb
Mario I-Phone 37kb
Mario (2) 800x600 279kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 411kb
Mario (2) 1440x900 572kb
Peach 800x600 540kb
Peach 1024x768 322kb
Peach (2) 800x600 301kb
Waluigi 800x600 555kb
Waluigi 1024x768 344kb
Wario 800x600 369kb
Wario 1024x768 218kb
Wario 1280x960 503kb
Wario I-Phone 36kb
Yoshi 800x600 545kb
Yoshi 1024x768 331kb
Yoshi 1280x960 744kb
Yoshi I-Phone 44kb




Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

Title Resolution Size
Logo 800x600 128kb
Logo 1024x768 440kb
Wario 800x600 138kb
Wario 1024x768 412kb
Wario (2) 800x600 150kb
Wario (2) 1024x768 493kb

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