Donkey Kong (Game Boy) enemies, allies and items information
Donkey Kong (Game Boy) enemies, allies and items

The Game Boy's version of Donkey Kong features 36 different enemies... wow, Mario really does rub people up the wrong way! and only two allies; I guess Frogs and Monkeys like to back the underdog! There are nine useable powerups to help Mario on his way too.


Enemies And Abilities

  Name First appears Description
Fire 25M These enemies leap out of the oil drums on the level and chase Mario. He dies if he comes into contact with one of them. They appear larger on levels later in the game, and can be defeated with a hammer.
Oil Big City These enemies appear as a fire with the word “Oil” written in it. They float up and down in place and can harm Mario if he comes into contact with them. They can also be defeated by using the hammer.
Rappy Big City The Rappys walk across the platform, only turning if they run into another Rappy or come close to the edge of the platform. If you run into one of them, they will kill Mario. However, you can still stand on them and even pick them up and throw them at others.
Bowbow Big City  
Dotty Forest  
Armadillon Desert  
Purupuru Iceberg  


These four enemies share the same tactics in this game. They move in circles around platforms that are suspended in midair or they walk the entire length of the platform including the bottom. Mario can stand on them and even run into them safely, but they can push him off of the ledge which results in his death.


  Name First appears Description
Spark Big City The Sparks move along the ropes, appearing and disappearing at certain times. If Mario touches them, then he is killed, and there is no way of destroying them.
Dust Man Big City If Mario gets too close to these enemies, which appear as trashcans, they will grow feet and wander around with no apparent direction. If they run into Mario he will die, but you can stand on them.
Fire-Chu Big City These enemies circle the area and can also walk up walls and then onto ceilings. They will immolate Mario if they come into contact with him, but provide some support for him in the ice levels where they can help him access other parts of the world.
Sniper Forest.  
Scorpy Desert  
Chikuchiku Rocky Valley  
Gyatoru Tower  


These four enemies also share the same attack patterns. They can circle around the entire platform that they are connected to, killing Mario if he touches them.


  Name First appears Description
Doryi Forest These enemies shoot out seeds at regular intervals which fly across the skin and kill Mario if he touches one of them. Mario can stand on the plants without harm.
Snapjaw Forest These enemies climb the ropes on the level and kill Mario if he touches them. You can drop fruit onto them in order to kill them. Donkey Kong Jr
Buku Buku Forest The Buku Buku swim throughout the water levels and can charge Mario if they share eye contact on them. They will kill Mario if they touch him.
Nitpicker Forest They fly out of their nests and travel across the screen, attempting to drop eggs on his head to kill Mario.


And the list continues, Mario sure does have more foes than friends...


  Name First appears Description
Sairesu Forest These enemies usually sleep on the floor until they hear Mario. Then they get up and charge Mario, and kill him if they touch him. If you manage to get away from them, they fall asleep again.
Ussun Ship They walk across the level, including spikes. They cannot hurt Mario and can often provide a means of safely traversing spikes.
Sir Shovalot Ship These enemies hold up their shields and then charge Mario. They push Mario away, and can push him off of the edge of a platform resulting in his death. If they push you against a wall you will die.
Kanyi Ship These crab-like monsters can kill Mario by reaching out and grabbing him with their claws.
Aqua Man Ship  
Mummy Desert Mind your mummy, Mommy Mario - she's coming to get you!
PenPen Iceberg  
Golem Tower  
Robo No.1 Tower  


All of these enemies walk horizontally, killing Mario if he runs into them. However, they can be destroyed by using the hammer.


  Name First appears Description
Thwomp Block Ship These blocks drop from the ceiling and squish Mario. You can use them as an elevator to get to high levels.
Squid Ship They move around horizontally in the water and kill Mario if he touches them.
Dorachu Jungle These enemies fly across the screen and can knock Mario off of ropes and vines while he is climbing them. If they make him fall too far, then Mario can die.
Skeleton Desert. These skeletal fiends wander on the platforms and throw bones at Mario. Touching them or the bones will kill Mario. They can be destroyed with the hammer.
Fura Flower Desert These monsters hide in the ground and then pull themselves out to chase Mario. Once he is out of range, they bury themselves again. Later in the game they use different tactics such as spitting seeds at Mario.
Tutanohem Desert  
Rockun Rocky Valley  


These two enemies are tossed at Mario by Donkey Kong. Once they hit the ground they walk towards Mario and will kill him if they come into contact. You can jump on them, pick them up, and throw them back at Donkey Kong.


  Name First appears Description
Otto Iceberg These monsters jump onto Mario and prevent him from moving for a certain amount of time.
Tododesu Iceberg These monsters guard the keys in the game and will charge at Mario if they make eye contact.


  Name Description
Monkey They have a long tail that Mario can use in order to climb it to cross ropes.
Frogs When standing on a frog, it will jump into the air and let Mario have access to higher areas of the level while carrying a key. They can be harmed if objects are thrown at them.

Power Up's / Useful items

  Name Description
Hammer Hammers are used to defeat enemies in the game. When he grabs the hammer it automatically hammers back and forth. He cannot jump while using the hammer, though.
Parasol, Hat, Bag Collecting these three items can help you get to the bonus level.
1-up Heart Gives you an extra life.
Key You take this key and open locked doors. It can be thrown to damage multiple enemies. Once thrown, it will disappear and Mario must wait for it to respawn
Trash Can You can stand on the trash cans to reach higher levels and to take out other enemies. Once you have thrown the can once, it will not work again.
Road The road can act as a platform to help you get over gaps.
Ladder This can help you get to a higher level in the level, but is limited to a certain amount of time.
Spring The spring can take you to a higher platform.
Super Hammer This hammer is stronger than the original hammer in the sense that it can destroy brick walls.

Objects And Obstacles

Name Description
Barrel These are thrown at Mario by Donkey Kong. They can be stopped by being in the handstand position, and can also be picked up by Mario.
Cannon They fire cannonballs at Mario, which can kill him.
Elevator These take Mario up or down on a level, and the direction can be changed by a lever.
Ladder These are used to climb up or down in the game. Donkey Kong slamming his fist in the game can close them.
Lever Levers can make ladders appear and disappear along with roads. They can also change the direction of elevators and conveyor belts.
Oil Drum They spawn fire enemies.
Ropes Mario can climb ropes to reach new areas.
Sand Pile If Mario runs into one of these, then it will kill him.
Spring These will give Mario a small boost in the level.

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