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Having never been into Tetris, Dr. Mario or anything else of that ilk, I personally found the six Dr. Mario challenges in NES Remix 2 for Wii U rather difficult - making it fortunate that there is only 6, and not 16 like the Super Mario Bros 3 challenges.


The first few challenges are relatively straight forward but I found challenge four and six to be a particular PITA. This is our guide on how to get Rainbow star rank on all of these challenges.


Our NES Remix 2 - All Dr. Mario Challenges video guide


A screenshot from NES Remix 2 Dr Mario Challenge 1


Challenge 1 - The Basics, Dr. Mario 101

  • Stage 1 - Line up four of the same colour to eliminate the virus.... self explanatory even to me!
  • Stage 2 - The second pill that comes out is red and blue. Turn it so the blue bit is pointing down and then drop it next to the top left blue virus.
  • Stage 3 - You need to eliminate the red virus as quickly as possible. Both pills that come out are red and yellow, and the red bits are by default already lined up with the virus, you can just press down here! Press down as soon as that pill drops so you get the best time.
  • Stage 4 - Drop the pills to the left side of the screen to keep them from obstructing you, until you get a red and blue pill; when you do rotate it so the blue points down and drop it straight above the blue virus. It'll take out the blue virus, then the red part of the pill will drop down and take out the red one!

My best time: 21.3 seconds


A screenshot from NES Remix 2 Dr Mario Challenge 2


Challenge 2 - Intricate Insertions

  • Stage 1 - Keeping the pill horizontal so the red is on the left slip it in just above the red virus
  • Stage 2 - Again the pill should remain horizontal and the yellow should be on the right allowing you to slip it in just beneath the yellow virus
  • Stage 3 - A little tougher, this time you'll need the pill to be vertically upright at first while you weave down the bottleneck, once you've passed the blue virus you can turn the pill so the yellow bit is to the right and slip it into the gap between the other yellow bits. This will bring down the virus in a blaze of glory.

My best time: 14.9 seconds


A screenshot from NES Remix 2 Dr Mario Challenge 3


Challenge 3 - Combo kills and Chain reactions

  • Stage 1 - You need to take out the red and yellow virus on the right at the same time; Any pill that isn't a red and yellow, throw away somewhere to the left. When you get the red and yellow one turn it so the yellow bits on the left and land it on the red/yellow viruses stacks - click clack pow, they are now immunised.
  • Stage 2 - Easy. Rotate that first red/blue pill so the blue is on the right, and drop it so the red/blue line up with the stack beneath. The blue one will wipe out the blue virus and the three red pill fragments will drop on the red one taking him out too.
  • Stage 3 - Rotate the first red and blue pill so the reds on the right (the pill is horizontal) drop it on the red virus in the middle to eliminate him, the blue bit will then drop off into the gap at the bottom and take down the blue one. Second chain reaction: With the first full yellow pill you get, turn it horizontal and add it to the stack so that the right side comes down on the yellow virus stack; neutralising it. The remaining yellow pill particle will drop onto the remaining yellow virus's stack. Done!
  • Stage 4 - Push down! The all blue pill that comes out first goes straight down and sets off the entire chain to finish this stage, what an anticlimax!

My best time: 24.7 seconds


A screenshot from NES Remix 2 Dr Mario Challenge 4


Challenge 4 - Easy... when you know how (kinda makes me wish I'd known how)

It took me ages to get this right. The tip is to always be vigilant not to cause yourself obstructions by having the wrong coloured bits of pill falling on another virus colour. It's best to watch the video on this one to see exactly how its done.


My best time: 1 minute 16 seconds


A screenshot from NES Remix 2 Dr Mario Challenge 5


Challenge 5 - Eliminating an enemy in a fortified position

Very easy. The first yellow/blue pill should be turned horizontally with the blue facing left and put as far right as it goes. The double red pill just get out of the way, then the red/blue stack horizontally on the right hand side with blue facing left. It'll neutralise the pile of blues. Next comes a yellow/red pill: Face the yellow down to neutralise the yellows, the red will then fall down and take out the deeply entrenched virus!


My best time: 11.5 seconds


A screenshot from NES Remix 2 Dr Mario Challenge 6


Challenge 6 - Finish them!!

This final challenge is all about speed, a moments hesitation here seems to be the difference between rainbow star and ... not rainbow star. Use the first three pills to take out the yellow virus on the right. Any blue and red pills should be blue facing up and placed at the bottom right in line with the red/blue viruses. Any other pills should have the red side facing left to take out the left floating pill. Press down as much as you can to bring the pills down quicker, if you don't do this no purple star rank!


My best time: 22.9 seconds


All of my times are Rainbow star times... however some were by the skin of my teeth; challenge 2 I think you need to be at 15 seconds or under and I scraped in with 14.9.


Feel free to let us know in the comments how badly you beat up my times, any better ways of doing things or if you need any help.

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