Good Guy Mario - Top 10 funny meme's
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As meme's have gone viral around the internet there are meme's about everything - and Mario is no exception. Here are a selection of my favourite meme's featuring Super Mario - this series is called Good Guy Mario.


I have selected my top ten favourite meme's from that series that show why Mario really is a good guy.


Source: Quickmeme - the funniest place on the internet.


Good Guy Mario - doesn't go downhill

1. Mario doesn't degrade with time



Good Guy Mario - Saves the princess despite friend zone

2. Mario doesn't get upset by the friend zone



Good Guy Mario - Invites his mortal enemies go karting

3. Mario doesn't bare grudges, even with his mortal enemy



Good Guy Mario - High on Mushrooms, lets Bowser escape

4. Even while affected by Mushrooms Mario still doesn't have the heart to finally end Bowsers reign of terror.



Good Guy Mario - Shoots Fireballs, takes on Tanooki form and still doesnt brag

5. Has multiple attack and defensive capabilities... doesn't brag about them.



Good Guy Mario - A plumber, rarely plumbs

6. Despite being a plumber you've never had to pay him thousands (unless you been buying the games from the very start) or seen his butt.



Good Guy Mario - Despite the princess being in another castle, persists

7. Mario continues to pursue the Princess where lesser men would admit defeat, write off the loss of the princess, return to Mario's Pad and crack open a cold one.



Good Guy Mario - Organises casual brawling in Super Smash Bros even though he wont win

8. Mario recognises the merits of "It's the taking part that counts" in Super Smash Bros series.



Good Guy Mario - a keen sportsman, despite busy schedule

9. Mario exercises fantastic time management, despite a hectic schedule.



Good Guy Mario - Notices his girlfriend looks like his brothers girlfriend with different hair, doesn't use it as an excuse

10. Mario has never been tempted to use the similar appearances of his and Luigi's girlfriends as "an excuse".



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