King Koopa Quotes Compilation from the Super Mario World Cartoons
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Remember our Top 10 Quotes from King Koopa in the Super Mario Bros Super Show feature back in March? I thought it would be wrong if we didn't cover the other two Mario cartoons too... so starting with Super Mario World, you can check out more of King Koopa - voiced by Harvey Atkin in the video below




  1. "You will not go to school, no lizard of mine is going to learn good citizenship" - A Little Learning
  2. "No! you will grow up to be sneaky, two faced, cheating illiterates, just like your dad" - A Little Learning
  3. "Cave Christmas? Whats that Pipe Squeezer up to now, its the hottest day of the year.." - Cave Christmas
  4. "You're gonna wait a long time Princess, because these toys are going to my Koopa Kids on Koopa Christmas Morning" - Cave Christmas
  5. "Have a Merry Cave Christmas Bone-Brain, remember Oogtar spelled backwards is Ratgoo" - Cave Christmas
  6. "If those Cave Cretins succeed in growing their own food, I'll never be able to subjugate em!" - Gopher Bash
  7. "That Dino Twerp is eating me out of house and home!" - Mama Luigi
  8. "My Throne!! My Throne Room! You'll pay for this plumbers... get them!" - Mama Luigi
  9. "I can build another castle, but you can't build another Princess" - Mama Luigi
  10. "There must be some truly totally depraved evil insidious scheme I can use to take advantage of those stupid cave people" - Rock TV
  11. "Whats the one thing most likely to rot peoples minds and reduce their brains to mashed potatoes, I remember now! Television!" - Rock TV
  12. "Alright everybody, Koopa sez, up on your feet, its time to trim all that ugly fat" - Rock TV
  13. "Koopa Sez, everybody go to the Dome castle and get Mario and Luigi and bring them to me" - Rock TV
  14. "Ladies and Gentlemen! The Mindless Mario Brothers!" - Rock TV
  15. "Time out! Cease and desist! Stop!" - Rock TV
  16. "Those Bird Brains'll never know what hit em" - Scoopa Koopa
  17. "You little dino dweeb, what do you think this is a charity operation?" - Scoopa Koopa
  18. "Look at those dumb clucks hand over their life savings just for a few brief moments of mouthwatering bliss" - Scoopa Koopa
  19. "He wants to shut us down friends what are you gonna do about it" - Scoopa Koopa
  20. "Right into a Cave People Casserole for my Ravenous Dinosaurs!" - Send in the Clown
  21. "The Dinosaurs are having YOU for dinner!" - Send in the Clown
  22. "Are my dinosaurs in for a treat! Kinda high in cholesterol but I'm sure they can handle it" - Send in the Clown
  23. "Hip!! Hop!!! Get me out of here!!! I'll send you to school... gladly!" - A Little Learning
  24. "Got any other bright ideas Kookie?" - The Wheel Thing

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