Luigi's Death

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on March 15th, 2004 by Mario Writer

Chapter 1


Luigi awoke with a start. Than same dream he thought, what does it mean? For the past month Luigi had been having a nightmare. He would be standing by the chomp river and a large dead looking bullfrog would jump out of the river and then start to drag him in to the river, that is when him would wake up. The Bullfrog in his dream looked just like Wart, but Mario had killed him five years ago, besides there was some thing different about the Wart in his dream, he seemed larger and uglier if that’s possible.

Luigi rolled over in bed to look at the clooka: 5:30. Wow its still early. He knew from experience that there was no way he was going back to sleep after the dream he just had. Grrr grrrr grrr, now ill definitely never go to sleep now! He got up and started to dress, he grabbed a green shirt and blue overalls.

He opened his door and grabbed a candle, and as quietly as he could he steep out of his room. He did not want to wake Mario up, it had been a long day for him, first he had to save the princes from Bowser and then beat up Smithy. IT had been a hard day for Mario. He tip toed past Mario’s door, heading towards the kitchen.

Walking down the cold stares he noticed that the air was abnormally chilly, but he didn’t think another thing of it. He continued down the steers thinking what could the dream mean? Maybe I’ll die today he joked to him self!

He steep of the steer case, and swung around the corner. He walk down the hall way towards the kitchen doors. I wonder what there is for left overes, maybe pizza he thought hopefully. He walked in to the Kitchen. The federator looks like a good place to start. He opened the doors on it. Wow he said a loud a whole pizza . He grabbed it and turned around, he started to scarermed but was knocked out. Standing over Luigi was a fat black shape dripping water on the floor. Its evil red eyes looking Luigi over. Rahahrhahah your mine now rharharhahra.

End of part 1


Chapter 2


Mario rolled over 8:30 his clock said. Wow I have to get up or ill be late you pizza with Peach, I wonder why Luigi didn’t wake me out like I asked. I’ll ask him. Mario looked in Luigi’s room, nope not there, I’ll check down steers. Mario dressed and walked done to the kitchen. In the kitchen he found a half eaten pizza and a wet floor, but no Luigi. He must be feeding the Yoshi’s out in the barn.

Mario jump in to his work boots and started towards the back door. He walked out side he could see the barn but no Luigi. LUIGI he yelled! There was no reply. LUIGI he said again well running to the barn. Still nothing. He ran in to the barn all that was there were scared Yoshi’s.

He started walking back to the castle with his head down, were could he be he thought, I need my food. He looked up there was a yellow note on the back door. He read it.

Mario just stood there looking at the note. Did Bowser have a brother he had killed? He didn’t think so. He must be off his rocker he thought. Maybe he’s not taking the pills I gave him!

Well I guess there’s no breakfast to day, I better get Yoshi ready, I’ll need a fast rid over to Bowsers.


End of part 2

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