[WAV] Luigis Mansion sound effects and voice samples
Sound effects / music


Sound effects & Voice samples

A collection of sound effects from Luigi's spooky gameboy title: Luigi's Mansion. Includes various voice samples of Luigi calling Mario, whistling and humming as well as sounds from his poltergust and scanner, and some of the tunes and random sound effects


Gamecube - Luigi's Mansion - Luigi voice samples

  Title File size
  Calling Mario 1 38K
  Calling Mario 2 54K
  Calling Mario 3 44K
  Calling Mario 4 52K
  Calling Mario 5 88K
  Calling Mario 6 45K
  Calling Mario 7 70K
  Calling Mario 8 73K
  Calling Mario 9 107K
  Calling Mario 10 91K


Gamecube - Luigi's Mansion - Sound effects

  Title File size
  File Select Screen M 1.3M
  Fire Sfx 20K
  Gallery music 1.3M
  Graveyard music 1.3M
  Graveyard with backg 1.2M
  Logo_Intro 516K
  Luigi Humming Sfx 1.3M
  Luigi Opening A door 43K
  Luigi Whistling No b 1.3M
  Mansion Normal 1.3M
  Map down 9.3K
  Map up 14K
  Nintendo logo Sfx 20K
  Pause 19K
  Pause move 15K
  Scanner Conform 20K
  Something.... 12K
  Toad Music 1.3M
  Training Mode music 1.3M
  Training mode Contro 1.3M
  Vacume Cleaner 44K
  Weird monsters noise 126K
  Wholeintro 1.1M
  Closing Inventory 47K
  Exit a room 90K
  Fake door 313K
  Locked door 93K
  :Luigi Selection Music 1.3M
  Moving Through Inventory 47K
  Nintendo logo 45K
  Opening inventory 37K
  Poltergust3000 inactive 189K

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