[MIDI] Mario Golf music
Sound effects / music

Sounds & Music - Midi's


Title File size
Best Shots Replay 51K
Caddie Master's Office 12K
Complete 12K
Dictionary 14K
Director's Room 21K
Draw 17K
Eagle 6.9K
Failure 6.6K
Field 23K
Generic Course 7.9K
Main Menu 27K
Mario Club House 20K
Marion Course 33K
Match Game Gene 18K
Match Game Grace 13K
Match Game Putts 11K
Match Game Putts 2 20K
Match Game Tiny 16K
Opening 8.5K
Opening Remix 11K
Palm Club Ragtime Arrangement 18K
Sudden Death 20K
Title Screen 4.6K
Training 17K
Victory 12K

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