Mario Hoops 3 on 3
Mario Hoops 3 on 3

Release dates

Australia October 26, 2006
Europe February 16, 2007
Japan July 27, 2006
N.America September 11, 2006


General information

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developed by Nintendo

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single player / Multiplayer




In this Mario themed basketball title you choose from a selection of your favourite Mario characters to make a team of 3 (hence the 3 on 3) to play against either a computer opponent or another player!

You can choose from Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Wario, Peach, Yoshi amongst other characters. There are a couple of different types of player - some faster than others, some stronger than others etc.

The scoring system isn't fixed, and the more coins you have and more showboating when you get that basket the more you seem to score for it! While in play you will notice question mark tiles around the floor of the courts, going over these while on the ball will earn you coins.

When you use the charge dunk move and leave your player swinging from the basket you gain loads of coins (unless you get hit by one of the opposition players). Due to the touch screen control system on this game, you will quite accidentally discover a whole host of moves (and counter moves) as you go along.

The top screen of the DS shows the ingame 3d court view whereas the touch screen acts as a 'map' view of the court giving indication of where the question mark tiles and other players are.


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