Mario in Yummz

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on February 24th, 2004 by Mariomeha

Mario asked Luigi what you want to have as diner.
Can you cook? Said Luigi.
Of course I make for you the best pizza of the world
And Mario has made the greatest pizza for Luigi.
A few minutes later was are an earthquake, Luigi??
Luigi where are you??
Luigi didn’t answer. Mario was walking around
And was thinking where he is
Finally he got an idea. Mario said I am in heaven
Only he can’t fly so he doesn’t was an angel.
If I can walk trough that door I am an ghost
Ouch that hurts I can’t walk trough that door
Maybe he was not in heaven but in the HEL
A few seconds later there was an blackshyguy
You are going down Mario and he started an fight
Mario won easy but he wants to go home but he can’t fly or walk
Trough doors, he must find an way out he run until he saw an
Beautiful blue lake and go to it then an horrible demon came
Walk to Mario and slam Mario in the extreme cold lake
Help screams Mario and dive into the lake and saw
An cheep cheep swimming into a underwater cave
He get up breath an swim into the cave then the
Cheep cheep attacks Mario with an spike on his head
Then came Mario without air under water in the cave
He was cold, bleeding and dead……
Mario was awaked and asked where am I
The strange creature that saved him didn’t say something
But give Mario an huge punch Ouch screams Mario
Why you do that the strange creature was that horrible demon
Or not? He look like him Mario was stupid a asked who are you
And that strange “thing” gave Mario a kick an said shut up
I am your past and future I am what you are before you are born
I came out the future to warn you for an “space goomba”
He shall take the world over and kill everything.
You must go to yuumz the planet where he lives and destroy
The machine he is good but that machine turned him evil
I will send you there but don’t fight to him he is to strong
I repeat he is to strong you are there over 3..2..1..POOF
Huh?? I am on a other planet but I must destroy that machine
Where is it? Whaaaa screamed somebody a few meters away from him
And Mario saw the machine walked to it and tried to destroy it but then
Came the space goomba and killed the boy that was by the machine and said now your turn
Bam smack slam punch kick… it is going not good for Mario he is.. knock out
A few days later Mario was awaked he saw the machine and destroyed it the
Space goomba was exploded it was an robot then the hole planet exploded
Nooo screamed Mario In his bed Huh?? What are you doing asked Luigi
Nothing said Mario and see that it was a dream


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