Mario Tennis 64 (Nintendo 64) Artwork including characters, advertising posters and more
Rendered Artwork

Mario Tennis 64 logo

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Group Art Images

Daisy watching a tennis match

Baby Mario takes a shot, was it out?


Main Group Picture

A Group Artwork


Mario vs Waluigi

Mario and Waluigi battle it out on the court


Participants In Action

A Mario Tennis Group Art poster.


Misc Images & Supporting Artwork

Japanese boxart

A Japanese Poster for Mario Tennis 64


Luigi says he is not afraid  the intro

Luigi is not afraid.


Mari Luigi Wario and Waluigi preparing to fight

Waluigi and Wario vs. Mario and Luigi in doubles.


Solo Pictures & Artwork

Baby Mario Playing Tennis Baby Mario Playing Tennis
Baby Mario Baby Mario 2
Birdo With Racquet Boo Playing Tennis
Birdo Boo
Bowser Playing Tennis Donkey Kong Jr Playing Tennis
Bowser Donkey Kong Jr.

Diasy Playing Tennis

Daisy ready to take a shot.

Diasy With Racquet

A scanned image of Daisy cheering.

Diasy Posing With Racquet

Daisy posing with her racket.


Donkey Kong And Baby Mario With Racquets

Baby Mario and Donkey Kong discussing the finer points of Tennis

Donkey Kong Playing Tennis Mario Playing Tennis
Donkey Kong Mario
Luigi Serving Luigi With Racquet
Luigi hitting a ball Luigi cheering
Paratroopa With Racquet  
Koopa Paratroopa  

Mario With Racquet And Ball

Mario catching a Tennis Ball.

Mario Playing Tennis

Mario preparing to strike the ball with his racket.


Peach Resting On Chair

Peach takes a seat, court side.

Peach Playing Tennis Shy Guy Playing Tennis
Peach Shy Guy
Toad Playing Tennis Waluigi Playing Tennis
Toad Waluigi
Toad Playing Tennis Yoshi Playing Tennis
Toad running Yoshi
Wario Playing Tennis Yoshi Playing Tennis
Wario Yoshi
Wario Playing Tennis  

Yoshi And Birdo With Racquets

Yoshi and Birdo. Wait Yoshi, haven't you heard the rumours.

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