NES Mario Cheats
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The Nintendo NES Cheat sections have opened today featuring cheats and tips for the following games:-

  • Donkey Kong Jr
  • Donkey Kong Jr Math
  • Donkey Kong Classics
  • Donkey Kong
  • Dr. Mario
  • Mario Bros. (Arcade Classics)
  • Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and WCTM
  • Mario is Missing
  • Mario's Time Machine
  • NES Open Tournament Golf
  • Pinball
  • Punch-Out!!
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Tetris
  • Wrecking Crew
  • Yoshi
  • Yoshi's Cookie

As you can see from the list we've even featured the cheats for the games that Mario has cameo'd in such as Tetris, Pinball etc on the NES!

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