New Super Mario Bros U (Wii U) Artwork including the main cast, enemies and the Koopa Kids
Rendered Artwork

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General Character & Enemy Artwork

Boss Sumo Bro

A Sumo Bro


A side view of Bowser

Bowser Jr in his Koopa Clown Car

Bowser Jr in the Koopa Clown Car with some boxing glove modifications



A group shot of the Koopa Kids.

Larry Koopa with his Magic Scepter Iggy Koopa with his Magic Scepter
Larry Koopa holding his magic scepter Iggy Koopa with his magic scepter
Lemmy Koopa with a star patterned bomb  
Lemmy Koopa balancing on his trademark ball  

Ludwig von Koopa with his Magic Scepter

Ludwig Von Koopa with his magic scepter emitting blue fire.


Roy Koopa holding a Bill Blaster

Roy Koopa showing his strength as he holds up a Bill Blaster with only one arm.

Wendy O Koopa n her figure skates

Wendy O Koopa with her figure skates, clutching a gold ring.


Enemies Artworks and Images


A Goomba

A Goomba.


A green Koopa Paratroopa

A Koopa Paratroopa, Green Shell version.

A Paragoomba

A Winged Paragoomba.

A Red Koopa Troopa

A Koopa Troopa, Red Shell version.

Baby Blooper

A Blooper swimming with bubbles around it.


Banzai Bill

A Banzai Bill


Blooper Nanny

A Blooper Nanny and three baby bloopers in tow.


Bob Omb

A Bob-omb


Bony Beetle

A Bony Beetle.



Boomerang Bro Throwing Boomerang

A Boomerang Bro throwing a Hammer... only joking, it is a boomerang.


Buzzy Beetle

A Buzzy Beetle.

Cheep Cheep

A Big Cheep Cheep.

Eep Cheep

A Big Yellow Cheep Cheep.


Fire Bro Throwing Flame

A Fire Bro hurling a fireball.



A Fishbone


Foo the Cloud.


A Fuzzy.

Group of Monty Moles

Three Monty Moles going wild.



Hammer Bro Throwing Hammer

A Hammer Bro throwing a hammer


Huckit Crab

Huckit the Crab


Ice Bro Throwing Snowball

An Ice Bro throwing a ball of ice. I guess a ball of snow wouldn't have had the same affect.

Lakitu On Cloud

A Lakitu in his trademark cloud.


Monty Mole

A Big Fat Monty Mole!


A couple of Munchers. Deadly to all but Yoshi!



Nabbit running off with some stolen goods. Shame on you.


Para Bomb

A Bob Omb gliding down with a parasol.

Piranha Plant Pokey
A Green Pipe with a Piranha Plant emerging A Pokey Cactus
Pokey Smiling  
Another Pokey Cactus  


A Porcupuffer.

Spiny Cheep Cheep

A Spiny Cheep Cheep

Sumo Bro Ready To Fight

A Sumo Bro in battle stance



A Thwomp, look his smiling at you.


An Urchin.


Venus Fire Trap

A Piranha Plant emerges from a pipe and spits a fireball

Waddlewing gliding

Waddlewing in-flight.


Waddlewing holding a Super Acorn

Waddlewing grabbing a Super Acorn.


Waddlewing walking

Waddlewing looking docile and well... waddling.


Group pictures

Group artwork scene with Acorn Plains background art

A New Super Mario Bros U Japanese Artwork


Artwork from the cover of the game

The New Super Mario Bros U Cover Art.


Complete group artwork scene

A huge New Super Mario Bros scene set in Acorn Plains


Full group artwork scene

A smaller version of the Acorn Plains art scene


Group artwork with Sparkling Waters background art

An artwork set in Sparkling waters in boost rush mode


Map Artwork

A big artwork of the maps and worlds of New Super Mario Bros U.


Items and objects

1 Up Mushroom

A 1-Up Mushroom

A Boost Star

A Boost Star


A Used Block

A Used Block. Exploited for its natural resources and abandoned.


Baloon Baby Yoshi Egg not present in final game

A Balloon Baby Yoshi egg.

Blue Warp Pipe Green Warp Pipe
A Tall Blue Pipe A Tall Green Pipe

Boost Block blue

A Blue Boost Block.


Boost Block green

A Green Boost Block


Boost Block purple

A Purple Boost Block


Boost Block red

A Red Boost Block


Brick Block

A Brick block

Bubble Baby Yoshi Egg not present in final game

A Blue Bubble Baby Yoshi Egg

Bulb Baby Yoshi Egg

A Bulb Baby Yoshi Egg



A Giant Gold Coin

Green Shell

A Green Shell


Ice Flower

An Ice Flower


Mini Mushroom

The Mini Mushroom

Red Shell

A Red Koopa Shell

Star Coin

A Star Coin

Super Acorn

A Super Acorn


Super Guide Block

A Super Guide Block

Super Mushroom

A Super Mushroom

Super Star

A Star


Two Brick Blocks and one yellow Block

Two Brick Blocks and a ? Item Block


Yellow Block

A question block



Yellow Warp Pipe Red Warp Pipe
A Tall Yellow Pipe A Tall Red Pipe

Yoshi Egg

A Yoshi Egg


Artwork featuring the main cast and playable characters

Character bust lineup

Yellow Toad, Mario, Blue Toad & Luigi

Flying Squirrel Mario

Flying Squirrel Mario


Flying Squirrel Yellow Toad

Flying Squirrel Yellow Toad

Luigi Walking

Luigi walking along merrily


Luigi with the Balloon Baby Yoshi

Luigi with Balloon Baby Yoshi


Mario Marching

Mario walking merrily along, is no one aware of the danger of the situation.


Mario On Yoshi

Mario riding his pal Yoshi

Mario carrying a Glowing Baby Yoshi off an edge

Mario holding Bulb Baby Yoshi on a rock platform

Mario carrying a Glowing Baby Yoshi Solo art

Mario looking a bit concerned as he holds onto Bulb Baby Yoshi


Mario Luigi Blue Toad and Yellow Toad

The Toads and the Bros jumping in sync.


Small Mario standing on the wall

Small Mario standing on a brick block.


The Miis

A group of Miis


The playable characters looking upwards

Mario, Luigi and the Toads vow to battle til the end.


Yellow Toad

Yellow Toad jumping.



Balloon Baby Yoshi

Balloon Baby Yoshi

Bubble Baby Yoshi

Bubble Baby Yoshi

Glowing Baby Yoshi

Bulb Baby Yoshi

Princess Peach and two Toads

Peach looking hopeful, the Toads looking less hopeful.

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