Paper Luigi

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on September 30th 2003 by Shadow-san

Disclaimer: I do not own Mario or any others


Chapter 1

shadow-san:* sings the mario song* this is a paper mario story!

Petal and rex :stop singing!

Shadow-san:* zaps petal and rex with her cattle prod* bad!

*after the first paper mario at marios house*

Luigi:hey mario! Peach is having another party!

Mario:yay!^o^ lets go!

*at peachs house*

shadow-san:*arguing with peach* I am pretter then you!

Peach:no I am!

Mario and luigi:* comes barging in* hey this isnt a party!

Bowser: weehee! I have the moon rod!* blasts mario and luigi away*

shadow-san:no thats my job!* zaps bowser with cattle prod*

bowser: owww.... do you wanna be my assistant? Kammy koopa quit


peach:I'm gussing that your going to rob the bank now right?

Bowser:yea thats right, how did you know?

Tubba blubba:* walks in holding mario* I got mario but luigi got away...

bowser:darn....send the shy guy army after him!

Captain shy guy:yes sir!* goes out with the shy guy army behind him*

*somewhere else*

luigi:* puff puff* they got mario! Hey look theres toad town!

Parakarry:hello luigi! were is mario?

Luigi:he was kidnapped, were are the others?

Parakarry:I don't know...

luigi:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!!

bowser:* comes out of the ground with shadow-san beside him* mahahahahahahaha! I have your friends!


Shadow-san:your supposed to surrender!

Parakarry:no way!

Bowser:ok bye bye!* goes back into the ground with shadow-san*

luigi:we should go to forever forest! Thats were boo mansion is! We can ask bow!

Parakarry:but didn't bowser get her?

Luigi:no, bowsers scared of ghosts and boos and so am I!

Parakarry:but what about shadow-san? She's probably not scared of ghosts and boos

shadow-san:your right about that!* zaps parakarry with cattle prod* but we did leave bow alone

parakarry:darn cattle prod....lets go find bow!

*at boos mansion*

luigi:so then bowser came out of the ground......and......shadow-san..............we came here!

Bow: well I know were the others are!

Parakarry:tell us!

Bow:well goombario and kooper are at bowser castle as slaves, bombette is a construct worker, watt is a lamp in bowsers room, sushie is in a wales stomach, and last but not least lakilester, he marryed his girl friend.

Luigi:wanna go with us?


Parakarry:but who are we gonna rescue first?

Voise from outside:we found them! Get'em men!

Shadow-san:weeee! I'm in this story!

Reviews are good!

next chapter: rescue team!

Petal:I can't wait for the next one!

Rex: why aren't I in this?


Chapter 2

Shadow-san: I didn't update! I'm bad!

Rex: yes you are bad* wacks shadow-san with hammer* die!

Shadow-san: x_x were did you get that?

Petal: he got it at hammers 'r us!

Rex: yes yes I got it for one dollar!

Shadow-san: * zaps rex and petal with her cattle prod*

*at boos mansion*

shy guy army:* barges in* we have orders from bowser to...AHHHH!!! A GHOST!* runs away*

bow:I'm getting better everyday at this!^o^

luigi:back to the subject, we should save bombette first, she's in the dry dry desert!

Parakarry:well then lets go!

*were bombette is*

bombette:the stone is ready goomba king!

Goomba king:good bombette! Now go take a 5 second break.....ok now back to work!

Bombette:* is working*

luigi:psst bombette!

Bombette:luigi! What are you doing....

parakarry:* takes bombette away somewere not too far and tells her what happened*see?

Bombette:yes I do NOW GET US OUT OF HERE!

Bow:shhhhh! They might hear us!

Luigi:quick lets go to toad town!

*at toad town*

bombette:oooo look! The 'lil oink farm!* goes and spends some coins on a little oink egg* I got a star one!

Luigi:we don't have time for this! We need to get to the toad house!

Bombette:I'll call her dedede!

Bow:* drags everyone to the toad house* lets go!

*at the toad house*

sign on door:sorry, we have been taken away from here by bowser, snag you! Bowser.

Parakarry:stupid bowser!

Shadow-san:bowser is not stupid, but it is boring at the castle so I will telaport you there!* telaports them to bowsers castle*

*bowsers castle*

*lightning flashes*

luigi:ohhh creepy...

parakarry:well then lets go in!

Bow:yes lets!


Shadow-san: sorry short chapter, I wasn't in the mood to type much so...

rex you're bad!* wacks with hammer*

reviews are good!

Next chapter: the end?


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