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Article originally written by Mario_World 7 for Super Mario Portal ( on 7th of October, 2004.


Nope this is article nothing to do with Princess Peach and Mario's private life.


My, my, my. Depending on where I begin plots where I end. You could also say the same with Mario video games: the faster you get past the first part of the storyline, the faster it is to get to the end of the amazing story. Take "Paper Mario" for the Nintendo 64 for example. It doesn't take long to finish ... if you have the knowledge on how to play ... 15 hours or less to be precise. Of course, only experienced players can play that way. But, aside from the experienced, this offers beginners a great foundation with 30+ great gaming hours with our favourite mustachioed plumber. But that's where Nintendo trips themselves up, also. What about the veteran players?

Well, maybe Nintendo either has touched the problem like a poison mushroom, or maybe they've waved it off like the threat of Bowser actually taking of the Mushroom Kingdom and its inhabitants, but who knows? Maybe Nintendo is also just plotting a little ... revenge ... but I severely beg to differ. You see, there's always an exception to the rule, you see: "Super Mario 64".

Super Mario 64 never gets old because it has an endless amount of cheats, codes, etc. ... but the main idea to the story is the storyline: get 120 power stars and save the Princess [Peach] from the evil clutches of Bowser. That's also the very funny thing with the opposite exception to the rule and its own individual consequences: "Super Mario Sunshine".

Ah, well, SMS is rather ... nicely plotted, basically the same idea as "Super Mario 64": get the shine sprites, save the Princess from the evil, gloomy, slimy Dark Mario and the evil clutches of Bowser. Now, I'm not disagreeing that it wasn't a nice idea to make the tropical setting of Isle Delfino, it just seems the plot seems to differ. Good to some? Yes. Bad to some? Definitely.

And, lo and behold, there's the fact that new Mario gamers aren't familiar with the ever-changing trend of our plumber brothers, and then the fact of the Princesses. Yes, that's plural. Princess Pauline, Princess Daisy, and Princess Peach. Me, not actually having the superficial knowledge to tell when all of these princesses were introduced, I'm just here to tell you. That's more research for me and nothing for you gamers to worry about ... unless you're fanatics ...

Speaking of the Princesses, who can forget Mario's most-forgotten brother, Luigi? Luigi has always been there for Mario ... in the beginning ... now he's just faded into the woodwork: no appearance in "SMS" or "SM64", barely in "Paper Mario". I mean, what the hell happened? I personally think Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto should work together and make a new "Super Mario 64" for the GCN ... with Luigi ... and his secret levels ...

So what DID ever happen to "Mario 128"? Did it get canned ... again? 'Sure hope it's not that crappy Mario-gets-more-Mario's-lift-crates-thing again. I mean did you see that trailer? That scared AND disappointed me at the very same time. And that's hard to do in a man like me. So what do we do? Grope at the Nintendo company until they make it ... ?

Damn right we do. Hm ... maybe it's all a codename ... 128 is 64 x 2 ... maybe ... just maybe ... eh, screw it all. Go out there and kick some ass!


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