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Phil Harnage


Episode 15 - Do the Koopa

Luigi and Princess Toadstool find a map which leads to the Doom Dancer Music Box. With the one exception of the person controlling it, almost no one can resist dancing when it is playing. This seems like an ideal defense against the Koopas, but it is hidden in Darkland's Temple of Gloom. Things get worse as Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool's arrival doesn't go unnoticed. While Mario and friends all get to work to find the Doom Dancer Music Box, Big Mouth, Cheatsy and Bully lay a trap to steal it.

Even though Bully hopes to use it in a takeover, King Koopa is too sick to hear practically anything. That allows King Koopa to take the lever – meaning "Do the Koopa" will be the only thing the Doom Dancer Music Box plays.


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