Super Mario Adventures & Nintendo Power Article sections reopened and remastered with higher resolution, top quality images
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Our Nintendo Power and Mario Comics sections are back


After a long and gruelling week of remastering and restoring all of our Super Mario Nintendo Power articles section where we have cuttings of every Super Mario series feature since the very first issue of NP way back in July 1988 we're finally done.


We've also restored all of the Mario Adventure Comics. You can now enjoy much higher resolution versions than we had previously so check out both sections and indulge in the retro goodness that dreams are made of.


I'd also like to share a couple of the latest videos we've added to our YouTube channel while I'm here!


A retro Japanese Super Mario Kart commercial with admittedly quite a lot more cartoon anime than actual game footage. But cool none the less right?



A video featuring all the Super Mario Kart series' rainbow road theme music from the SNES version right up to Mario Kart 8!



And last, but by no means least... a Mercedes Benz car commercial featuring a very aggressive looking Super Mario

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