[MIDI] Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 music
Sound effects / music

Sounds & Music - MIDI

Title File size
Abandoned fire mines 5.3K
After bosses death 2.5K
Boss 9.9K
Boss levels 12K
Ending 36K
Get out of thwomps lair 5.3K
Ice levels 8.4K
Ice levels2 15K
Ice levels3 14K
Invincibility 3.2K
Its the statue 2.2K
Lava 5.5K
Lava2 5.9K
Level music1-2 9.0K
Level music1 10K
Level music2-2 3.1K
Level music2 5.3K
Map screen 5.4K
Map screen2 12K
Minigame1 5.5K
Minigame2 8.3K
Mt Teapot levels 5.4K
Mt Teapot map 4.6K
Parsley Woods Map 14K
Results 6.9K
Rice beach course 3-2 65K
Rice beach course 3 15K
Rice beach course 4 6.7K
Rice beach map 6.4K
Rice beach map 2 3.2K
SS teacup 6.5K
SS teacup2 17K
Stove canyon course2 70K
Stove canyon map 34K
Syrup castle map 4.7K
Syrup castle 15K
Title 3.3K
Trainlevel 24K
Trainlevel2 12K
Waterlevels 17K
Waterlevels2 6.5K
Waterlevels3 5.4K

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