Super Mario World Cartoon Episode 03: Send in the Clown

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Super Mario World Cartoon Episode 03: Send in the Clown

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The story starts in the outside field where Mario and the Princess Toadstool are in between a tennis match, utilizing fireballs from a close Fire Plant like balls. As Princess Toadstool makes a goal point in against of Mario, she is felicitated by Luigi, who is playing the role of goalkeeper. Prince Toadstool then continues to score another goal to Mario, before Mario could hit the football, although, Yoshi, the sport’s ball boy, bolts it up.

As Kootie Pie and Big Mouth extended to put-up the posters, King Koopa vanishes over his head in his car and utilizing a conch shell, starts to make announcements regarding how the cave-persons can pay a visit to the Koopaling Bros. Circus free of cost. The cave-persons accompanying Koopa to a tube of warp that leads to the location where the circus is present. As the cave-persons entered the pipe, Koopa laughed quietly, conveying that he desires his dinosaurs to have a treat of the persons who entered the cave.


Bigmouth Koopa having the idea to post Circus posters

Mario and Princess Peach are yet playing the tennis game, with Princess Toadstool is succeeding the game. When the Fire Plant starts another ball, Mario draws an attempt to pursue it, with Yoshi following him. Mario and Yoshi finished tumbling one on another. As Mario is being helped up by Luigi and the Princess Toadstool, he observes that the entire cave-persons are absent. Then they all entered into the cave behind those cave-persons and then realize there is really a circus tent present in it.

After showing some circuses in it, Big Mouth enters into the scene along with the ringmaster and starts an egotistical lecture. After performing some various horrifying stunts, these clowns determine to involve Big Mouth in their play, much to their infliction. This really angered them which ended in a chase of the clowns. The crowd still unaware of what is going on are amusing themselves and laughing. When they got an idea of it, they tried to rush to the exit point, but were blocked by some Thwomps.


Mario, Luigi and some cave people laughing in the audience.


When Mario who was hanging on the cage, Koopa starts to taunt him and thrusts him into the cage. Just before Mario touches the ground of the cage, Koopa seizes him and gets him back-up and, thrusts a chair in the arms of Mario, he agitates his ‘dinosaur tamer’ in the cage full of Dino Rhinos.

Then, when Mario was about to release all his friends hanging on the cage, Koopa appears. Holding the Princess Toadstool absorbed, Koopa starts to hurl Mechkoopas and the Big Steelies on Mario. Then a fight breaks out between with Mario crushing Koopa Clown Car with the help of some hurls skills. This makes Koopa lose control over the car and dropping Princess Toadstool away from the vehicle. Grabbing Princess Toadstool, Mario continues to release all the prisoners. After performing all these, everyone is seen returning to the Dome City.

After reaching home, Mario and others are shown to build their own circus for the cave-persons, with having Yoshi as clown, tightrope artist is done by Princess Toadstool, Ice cream seller is enacted by Luigi and Ring master and juggler is performed by Mario, with Yoshi consuming the rocks.

Trivia & Bloopers


  • Dry Bones made a brief cameo in the episode

  • Rex, Dino Rhino and Mechakoopa all appear for the first time in animation. Rex's and Dino Rhinos are referred to simply as generic dinosaurs, and Mecha-Koopas as "Mechkoopas"

  • Yoshi's head was abnormally small in the final scene of the episode.

  • When Mario has his cape, he takes down a few Mecha-Koopas with the spin attack, yet anyone who has played the Super Mario World game would know that this has no attack on them.

  • Mario refers to the "Star Road" as the "Star Path"

  • Kootie Pie appears throughout the episode, however doesn't say anything.

  • At one point, when the Rexes remove their clown disguises one of their feet turns from blue to green.

  • Like in Episode 2: The Wheel Thing, there are several points during the episode where the L on Luigi's cap is white with a black background.

  • In the scene where Big Mouth demands respect, and takes a Pie to the face, the audio goes out of sync. Maybe he got some pie on his mic?

  • The main battle with King Koopa in his flying clown car is based on the final showdown with Bowser in the Super Mario World game; and considering the usual lack of attention to detail they actually translated it onto screen pretty well, with Bowser flying about throwing Mecha-Koopas (or Mechkoopas as they're referred to), Mario throwing them back, and then Koopa trying to crush Mario with the Clown Car.

  • When King Koopas Clown Car hits Mario, he doesn't lose his cape. Damn, and we were doing so well with the game to screen translation!




Tony Rosato as the voice of Luigi, Harvey Atkin voicing King Koopa, Walker Boone as the voice of Mario, Paulina Gillis as the giggle of Kootie Pie (she didnt speak), Dan Hennessey as the voice of Big Mouth Koopa, Tracey Moore as the voice of Princess Toadstool and Andrew Sabiston as the voice of Yoshi.


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