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Super Mario World TV Show

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Watch the Super Mario World TV Show online

Want to watch classic episodes of the Super Mario World TV show or "Super Mario Allstars" - you've come to the right place. Simply scroll down to the episode you'd like to watch and click its title.


The episodes are arranged in the order they were released. If you want to learn more information about the Super Mario World TV Series you should check out our Super Mario World TV Series guide which includes detailed information on the show, its cast, an episode list, and other cool stuff such as bloopers, things they got wrong in the cartoons etc.



The above playlist will play all of Captain N and the New Super Mario World episodes in order they were released from 1 to 13. (order is below)


- Fire Sale
- The Wheel Thing
- Send in the Clown
- Ghosts R' Us
- King Scoopa Koopa
- The Night Before Cave Christmas
- Born to Ride
- Party Line
- Gopher Bash
- Rock TV
- A Little Learning
- Mama Luigi


If you want to skip to any different episodes, just click the playlist button on the top left of the video and select the episode you want. If you like Mario also consider subscribing to our YouTube channel where we regularly update with Mario cartoons including unaired live action sketches, bonus features, animes, walkthroughs, videos of the newest games and the oldest and most obscure!

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