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Super Paper Mario (Wii) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Paper Mario (Wii)


If you have the Pixl called Boomer, which is an exploding high-damage Pixl you can put him on the ground in the path of your enemy, go quickly into the menu select Hand Pixl, Thoreau. Pick up Boomer and then you can throw it at enemies or other things that might be in your way.


Buy XP
Go into Howit's shop in Flipside, in there you can purchase a medal for 50 coins. When the medal is used you
gain 1000XP. This can be repeated as much as you like.


Constant 3D View

After you beat Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice and get the Mario Card this will allow you to go into 3D mode for as long as you want.


Easy money
Theres a shop in Flipside where you can buy Shroom Shake for 30 coins, if you cook this into Fried Shrooms you can sell it back at 35 coins making a profit of 5 coins per unit!


Easy Rubees
In chapter 2-3 you need to gain Rubees. The first VIP room has a code, which needs to be entered for the first room it is 5693.On the gerbil wheel, tape down the left or right movement button and allow the controller to idle for ten minutes. You should get approximately 9,000 Rubees. Make sure to monitor it though incase your Wiimote goes to sleep. There is a second VIP room near the electric fields and the code for that is 41262816. After doing the same thing here you should have the 1,000,000,000 Rubees total.


Free XP
Wish you could continue gaining XP and coins while away from your console? Go to chapter 5-4 and go into the room with two white doors before the bos battle, at the save spot take a right and go to the pipe. Switch your focus to bowser and press down he will then breathe fire. - tape down your wiimote and go afk, come back to more money and XP.


Game over
At the stat of the game when Merlon offers you a pure heart, if you reject it three times, the game ends before it even began!


Mario series references
If you go into Room 2828 in the Castle of Francis, there are action figures and posters from other action games.


Get the indicated Pixl to unlock the special ability to go with it

Pixl Special ability
Barry Will help to shield from enemy attacks and provide a low damage counter attack
Boomer Blows up objects and causes heavy damage to enemies
Carrie Platform used for crossing dangerous areas
Cudge Use a hammer
Dashell Helps you move quicker
Dottie Shrinks you
Fleep If an object is in the wrong dimension, this can flip them
Piccolo The music played by Piccolo will disintegrate certain objects
Slim Allows you to turn sideways and squeeze through narrow spaces
Thoreau Pick up and throw objects
Thudley Shakes the ground
Tippi Enables you to use your wiimote sensor to scan objects and learn secrets about them


Quick levelling up (NTSC version only, this glitch was fixed in the PAL version)

If you have beaten the level in Chapter 5 with the Crags and Sapiens then go back to level 5-4 to the pipe towards the end which constantly pumps out Sapiens. Jump onto the block next to the pipe and using Bowser's flame kill all the Sapiens. This can go on for ages and will earn you lots of experience and levels.


Sammer Century
Once you've completed the game you can go back to Sammer's Kingdom and challenge all of the Sammer guys (100 of them). The best pixl to use
against these would be boomer for the easy win, start running away and place Boomer on the floor. As the Sammers pass over boomer, blow him to cause major damage to them. The final Sammer you'll take on is a golden guy, when you beat him you will unlock Gombella, Koops and all of Mario's other companions from the previous Paper Mario game. You will also be given a gift by Sammer.


The real Merlee
When you have to choose between the fake and real merlee, the real one can be identified by the fact he has a fly flying around him from when he was hiding out in the toilet.


Unlockable characters etc

These aren't essential characters needed to beat the game, but they're a fun bit of help along the way, and here's how to get them

Character How to unlock
Barry (Provides a force field that protects the player and harms enemies.) Defeat Francis in Chapter 3-4 and then you will find Barry behind a bush in Chapter 3-1
Dashell (increases your movement speed significantly) Find Dashell at the bottom of flipside pit of 100 trials
Piccolo (can cure some status problems, and trigger certain events with his tunes) After placing the sixth pure heart speak to Merlee and help her then talk to Merluvee followed by Bestovious, Watchitt, Merlumina and finally Merluvee again in that order to get the random house key and find Piccolo
Tiptron Can be bought for 999 coins from Francis after beating the game.


Items and stages

Unlockable How to unlock
Extra Mini Game in the Flipside's basement Obtain a golden card
Flopsides Pit of 100 trials Beat Flipside's pit of 100 trials
Flipsides Pit of 100 trials Beat Chapter 1 and unlock the outskirt in Flipside


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