The Ultimate Guide to Building a Retro Gaming Room
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Many classic gamers want to relive the glory days of those old school vibes, and what better way to do so than creating an ultimate retro gaming room. Even gamers who weren’t around in the 80s and 90s appreciate a funky old-school atmosphere. Unfortunately, with all the technological advancements in the gaming industry nowadays, these vintage consoles and games have been pushed to the back of the cupboards, sold, or disposed of. But most of them still have a lot of entertainment left in them, and they shouldn’t be wasted. So, whether you’re building your retro gaming room out of nostalgia or because you want to experience gaming like the old days, this guide will help you build the ultimate retro gaming room.

Vintage Variety

To really appreciate the golden days of gaming, you need a variety of different games and consoles. Don’t just stick to one thing, spread the love across gaming as a whole. Include all the vintage consoles and screens, some arcade games, a pool table, even throw in a few classic musical instruments to give a real arcade feel to your retro gaming room. You want it to be a space that you and your friends want to hang out in, so you definitely need a comfy area with a sofa and chairs for relaxing, where you can research online casino Canada real money sites and listen to old vinyls.

Dominant Décor

Your retro game room needs a theme, and obviously you are going to choose one or two of the classic games to be the dominant décor. Having stickers, ornaments, pictures, posters and other bits and bobs from these games around your retro gaming room will create that old-school nostalgia that you are after. If you don’t want to overload on games, you could choose a more sophisticated décor theme, such as recreating the looks from vintage bars and casinos.

Vintage Colours

Developers nowadays always opt for sleek and earthy colours that are gritty and minimal. For retro, you literally want the complete opposite of this. Old-school colouring creates much more of happy-go-lucky atmosphere and exuberates youthfulness. And you are not short of colours to choose from: a traditional retro colour combination includes yellow, red, navy blue and green, or you could go for the bold brightness of neon pink, turquoise, and white. Make your colour choices vibrant and inviting.

Classic Features

There are some essential features of a classic games room that will just top off the overall look. Firstly, you have to have a traditional scoreboard so you can keep a tally on who is winning pool, cards or any of your other games. Secondly, as most retro games are physical discs, you need somewhere to store them all. Traditionally, people used closets to keep their games in, but if you want to show off all your vintage delights, go for an open bookcase instead.

As soon as your gaming buddies step inside, you’ll see their eyes light up with excitement and awe; by following this guide, your retro gaming room will definitely have this effect.

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