The Year of Luigi continues with New Super Luigi U
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The year of Luigi continues with the upcoming release of New Super Luigi U, the Mario-shunning rendition of New Super Mario Bros U - this title will feature over 80 levels based on remixed versions of those from the original game. The digital download version of New Super Luigi U will be available 19th of June in the Japan, 20th of June in Australia and the USA and finally on the 21st of June in Europe and will be downloadable in the Wii U e-Shop.


We will be starting a section to cover further information on this title very shortly. For now you can check out the below YouTube videos which will give you a little something to get your teeth into while you wait for release.



New Super Luigi U gameplay overview and features


Nintendo talk us through some of the features of New Super Luigi U including the addition of Nabbit as a playable character in multiplayer mode, interestingly Nabbits special traits are that regardless of what items he collects, he cannot power up, BUT he also cannot be hurt by touching enemies (I guess that's why he is only going to be available in multiplayer, as that would not make for exciting single player if you could barely lose). Also playable are Blue and Yellow Toad.



Mario in New Super Mario Bros U vs. Luigi in New Super Luigi U comparison


The above trailer is in Japanese, but the short story of the trailers purpose is that it compares the gameplay physics of Mario in New Super Mario Bros, and Luigi in New Super Luigi U.

The main difference being that Luigi can jump higher and run faster than his brother, but he is also a bit tougher to control in the sense that he takes longer to stop - risking horrific plunges to his demise at every turn, but certainly adding a new element to the gameplay.

You can pre-order the retail copy of New Super Luigi U (Nintendo Wii U)  from Amazon now which is out at the end of July if all goes to plan.

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