Wendy O. Koopa aka Kootie Pie Koopa Biography
Wendy O. Koopa

Character fact sheet

Name: Wendy 'O Koopa aka Kootie Pie Koopa

First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)

Home: Castle of Koopa

Voiced by: Lani Minella

Associates: King Koopa (Dad), the other Koopalings (siblings)

General profile


Wendy O. Koopa (known in the cartoons as Kootie Pie Koopa) is the only female Koopa kid. She was the fifth-born of Bowser's seven children and after Hip and Hop the youngest. Wendy is your stereotypical spoilt brat; demanding, greedy and throws tantrums when she cant get her own way. Her terrible attitude can even send King Koopa into despair as he does his utmost to meet her terrible and quite often difficult to achieve demands. A good example of one of these demands was in the second episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 where no present Koopa could give would please her, except one - Kootie Pie (aka Wendy O. Koopa) decided she wanted to rule America and Live in the White House, for more information on the plot of this episode see Reptiles in the Rose Garden.

Her physical traits include the signature pink bow with white spots, thick lips which appear to be covered in pink lipstick (or whatever the Koopa equivalent of that is), big golden hoops are her wrists instead of the spiked cuffs that the other Koopa Kids would wear and red pearls around her neck. Wendy's preferred method of attack is her magic scepter as she doesn't like to get her hands dirty directly.

An official profile of Kootie Pie Koopa's character from the writers of the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon

She's snobbish, spoiled and deceitful, and those are her good traits. A vain teen queen, Kootie Pie despises the princess and her goody-two-shoes ways. King Koopa gives her everything she asks for. He turns into a totally permissive parent whenever Kootie Pie whines "I want!". Anything anybody else has, Kootie Pie wants. And anything she already has, she wants two of. Kootie Pie is not that bright, but has megawatts of intensity and laser-sharp focus. When she gets hold of an idea, she does not let go.

A few quotes from Kootie Pie Koopa from the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

  • "I want it! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!" - Reptiles in the Rose Garden
    "I'VE BEEN KISSED BY A PLUMBER!" - The Beauty of Kootie

  • "Why does that prissy Princess Toadstool get to go to a Real World concert and not me? Aren't you always telling us that you are the most powerful king there ever was, and I am your favorite only daughter?" - Kootie Pie Rocks

  • "Aliens! Daddykins! Billions and billions of them! Twenty feet tall! Armed and dangerous and spewing smoke and fire and coming this way in heavily-armed spaceships! WE'RE DOOMED! And I don't have a single thing to wear!" - Mush-Rumors

  • "I hate it when people tell me what to do! I HATE! I HATE IT! I HATE I..AAAAHHHHHH!!!" - Reptiles in the Rose Garden


  • The Mario Brothers - An obvious one, for the fact that whenever Kootie Pie makes her demands and King Koopa puts a plan in place to get her what she wants, the plan always ends up going awry when the Mario Brothers show up.

  • Princess Toadstool - Kootie Pie is jealous of the Princess, the fact she is a ruler of a Kingdom, prettier than her, and gets to do whatever she wants! It's not fair!!! In the episode Kootie Pie Rocks a quote giving testament to Kootie Pie's jealousy of Princess Toadstool ""Why does that prissy Princess Toadstool get to go to a Real World concert and not me? Aren't you always telling us that you are the most powerful king there ever was, and I am your favorite only daughter?". Kootie Pie truly hates Princess Toadstool for these reasons.


  • Like most of the Koopa Kids, Wendy O. Koopa aka Kootie Pie Koopa is not the most popular of people for a number of reasons. She doesn't care for the company of others, and doesn't have any friends, nor any desire for any. Kootie keeps her dad King Koopa close as she see's him as a good source of getting what she wants - but thats all.


Wendy has assisted her dad King Koopa in taking over worlds and kingdoms in various major Mario adventure games such as:-


Super Mario Bros. 3 - Wendy O. Koopa attacked Water Land with her Koopa troopas and Doomship and quickly ousted the King and took over Water Land for herself. Not only that, but Wendy turned for the former ruler of Water Land into a Dino Rhino. Mario eventually caught up with Wendy O. Koopa on her doomship and defeated her, restoring freedom and peace to Water Land.


Super Mario World - During Bowser's attack on Dinosaur land, Wendy took control of the Castle in Chocolate Island, her room in this castle included a network of warp pipes which she would randomly pop out of to attack the Mario Brothers but it wasn't that simple, Wendy would also have two dummys pop up at the same time making it an even more difficult task to defeat her. The style of Wendy's attacks in Super Mario World was very similar to her brother Lemmy's who also used a network of pipes and dummys of himself in his castle chamber.


New Super Mario Bros - like her brothers, Wendy O. Koopa appears as a boss in New Super Mario Bros. her design and character background in this game is consistent with the rest of the series and Wendy appears as the boss of World 4. In her tower Wendy awaits the Mario Brothers in a rectangular room where she employs her usual tactics of firing candy rings from her scepter at the Mario Bros, after firing each ring Wendy would then jump and spin in the air after the player a few times. Whenever Wendy is hit she will recoil into her shell and slide from one side of the screen to the other in an attempt to take out the player that way. After she is hit the third time Wendy retreats into her chamber which has been filled with enchanted water by Kamek. The water slowly drains out of the room so the player has to avoid Wendy's attacks while waiting for the room to dry up so they can jump again.


In the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Wendy O. Koopa was known as Kootie Pie Koopa, the reason for this is that the people who made the cartoons as DiC Entertainment hadn't yet had the real names of the Koopa kids released to them when producing the cartoons, so had to improvise.

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