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Article originally written by Deemaster for Super Mario Portal (marioportal.com) on 25th of October, 2004.


Has anyone noticed that it seems like all the good game developers have quit Nintendo or something. The games and improvement on console we see on isn’t a big woopy doo! They never seems to be anything good coming to us in near future. Games such as Mario are not always improved. Also, characters such as Mario are put in games like golf because they have no new ideas left. Now………whassup with that? If I wanna play golf ill buy tiger woods.

See things like this are just ‘lets make money’ schemes and ‘we’re out of ideas.’ Another thing with Mario is how the story is almost always the same. You would think Peach would be in a high security place by now. They just let bowser walk in.

Another series they repeat is pokemon. That is old!!! Stop with the silly nonsense. Pokemon is just old news. It was good when it came out but now…………it’s poor.

Nintendo could make some new character! Why not?! Maybe a game about Koopa instead of Mario. Still a new character is needed. A new series. SOMETHING NEW!!! I’m bored of Mario Party after a week of having it. Why you ask……… because its boring after a while. I’ve played Mario tennis aswell………guess what, that was boring aswell. Because I don’t wanna be Tim Henman, I wanna be Mario kicking Bowsers. (With a different storyline might I ask).

On a good note!!! Mario 64 is one of the best games ever I reckon. It was good fun and not short. It also supplied a challenge. But around then it was one of the first 3D Mario games around. Mario Kart was a good series. Its just golf and tennis that ruin it. Also pinball. Whats up with pinball. All these games doing pinball. Mario, pokemon, sonic and more. Whassup with that?………WHY PINBALL!! YOU GET PINBALL WHEN YOU BUY A PC ITS ONE OF THE GAMES YOU GET!!!

Sonic is a good series. It brings in some new characters that actually work. Maybe they should get tips from the sonic team………………now I sit and wait to see what else Nintendo come up with……………

- Article Writer, Deemaster


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