Mario Artwork by YoshiGuy
Fan Art

Artwork by YoshiGuy originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on February 16th, 2004.


A living Fire Flower (11.9kb)


Bob-omb food (11.6kb)


Bombette (9.6kb)


Caged Ghost (7.9kb)

Chain Chomps Revenge (9.4kb)

Fawful (6.9kb)

Graffiti style Goomba (17kb)

Graffiti style Watt (20.9kb)

Hills (15.3kb)

King Boo (7.9kb)

Lord Huff & Puff (12.7kb)

Luigi Land (12.1kb)

Mad Star Man (10.6kb)

Mr. Toad (10.6kb)

Piranha Food (15.3kb)

Super Block (13.1kb)

Super Bullet (6.8kb)


Surfing Mario (13.6kb)

The Enemy Field (15.5kb)

Unfortunate King Koopa (5.1kb)



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