Fortune Street (Wii) Artwork: A huge collection including Dragon Quest and Super Mario characters
Rendered Artwork

Fortune Street logo small

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Group Artwork

Some of the main characters of Fortune Street

The two gender Miis

A female and male Mii

A Female Mii

Female Mii

A Male Mii

Male Mii


Alena Punching

Alena putting up the dukes



Alena ready for action!


Angelo Standing

Angelo standing


Angelo Salutting

Angelo salutes



Bianca Wondering Something Bianca Standing
Bianca, looking a little shocked Bianca, standing with arms behind back


Bowser With Arms Outstreched

Bowser looking as menacing as ever.


Bowser Jr Running

Bowser Jr, running... probably not on his way to do anything nice.



Carver Preparing For Punch Carver In Fight Pose
Carver combat pose #1 Carver combat pose #2


Bag,Jewels and Crown

Horrible looking bag, trying to lick the crown jewels.


Diddy kong Running

Diddy Kong


Donkey Kong Flaunt

Donkey Kong



Dragonlord Dragonlor preparing For Magic
Dragon Lord Dragon Lord raises his staff


Jessica Yelling Jessica Standing
Jessica looking shocked Jessica standing


Kyril with Sword Kyril Pointing at Someone
Kiryl standing Kiryl looking shocked, pointing


Mario Smiling Luigi Looking Over The Shoulder
Mario looking proud to show us something Luigi with his arms folded


Heal Slime Smiling Yoshi Running
Heal slime Yoshi marching on his merry way


Patty Posing Peach In Rose Dress
Patty posing Princess Peach looking vacant


Slime Smiling

Smiley slime, side view.

Slime Smiling

Smiley Slime


Stella Stella Dancing
Stella the fairy standing Stella the fairy punches the air in celebration


Yangus Victorious Jump Yangus Showing Teeth
Yangius jumping Yangius with hands on hips

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