Luigis Mansion 2: Dark Moon (3DS)
Luigi's Mansion 2

Release dates

Australia March 28th, 2013
Europe March 28th, 2013
Japan March 20th, 2013
N.America March 24th, 2013


General information

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developed by Next Level Games

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single player / Multiplayer



Once again Luigi against his will has been tasked with fighting his way through a series of haunted mansions with only the ever reliable Poltergust by his side.


Game Features

  • The Ghosts have adapted since the previous instalment - shining a light on them will no longer completely stun them, players must use the new strobe light function and release it to stun the ghosts before they can set the Poltergust to work.

  • Unlock hidden areas and treasure chests!

  • More variation on the combat system - Luigi will encounter lots of different ghosts on his mission - some are defeated very differently to others and a lot more puzzle solving is involved than in Luigi's Mansion.

  • Luigi didn't want any involvement in what he was tasked with - but at least he was provided with the right tools for the job; The Poltergust is back and more functional than ever - now it can even strip wallpaper to help reveal hidden doors and areas, suck up leaves that hide treasure, and of course suck up gold coins and bills - well, if you're going to be terrorised in a haunted mansion and theres gold there - might as well take some consolation gold!

  • Modern 3D visuals provided by the powerful processors of the Nintendo 3DS have been utilised to the max in order to really bring the Mansions and Ghosts to life for even more haunted madness.

  • The long awaited "sequel" to Luigi's Mansion the launch title of the Gamecube in 2001. 12 years in the waiting!

  • New mode - Hunter Mode - up to four players can team up and venture into the Scarescraper, a huge haunted tower swarming with Ghosts and Ghouls. Work together as a team to clear out each floor of the tower as quickly as possible and beware the ticking clock, that floor needs to be clear by the time the clock strikes zero. Good performance by the team means you can get bonuses and upgrades to help progress through the next floors. This mode can be tailored quite nicely according to peoples skill levels for example you can choose to play as few as 5 floors, or as many as 25 - you can also adjust the difficulty making this mode great for Veteran Ghost Hunters as well as reluctant ghost chasing trainees!

The Story

This is the beginning story that sets the scene for Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. We haven't given the full story intentionally as it would act as a spoiler.


In a dark research lab in Evershade Valley professor E.Gadd is researching ghosts with assistance of his friendly ghosts or "greenies". Meanwhile King Boo appears and smashes the Dark Moon, the six pieces of which are scattered across the valley each in a great Mansion. These shards of the Dark Moon; unfortunately the side affect of these shards is that even friendly ghosts turn nasty.

While all this is going on, Luigi has fallen asleep at home watching TV non-the-wiser to the disaster unfolding outside when he is suddenly woken up by professor E.Gadd talking to him through the TV screen asking for his help. Luigi seemed reluctant and the professor took the liberty of using his Pixelator to teleport Luigi through the screen and into E.Gadds lab in Evershade Valley.

Luigi is now tasked with retrieving the scattered pieces of the Dark Moon; he begins his journey at the the Gloomy Manor which is only a short distance from the Lab but this is only the beginning, there's still the Haunted Towers (in the Forest), the Old Clockworks (in a nearby Desert), the Secret Mine (in the Snowy Mountains) and eventually the Treacherous Mansion situated above a ravine and surrounded by Ocean and thats just for starters!


Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon teaser from E3 2011



Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon TV Commercial



Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon gameplay analysis (secrets and hidden details) by GameXplain


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