[MIDI] Paper Mario music
Sound effects / music

Sound & Music - Midi's

Title File size
Angry bowser 18K
Battle with general guy 19K
Bowsers castle 9.8K
Bowsers castle2 18K
Bullet bill theme 9.8K
Clouds overflower field 7.5K
Cloudy climb 1.9K
Crystal king battle 23K
Crystal palace 6.2K
Dry dry desert 3.4K
Dry dry outpost 6.1K
Dry dry ruins 23K
Escape from Mt Lavalava 48K
Final battle Bowser1 54K
Forever forest 7.8K
Goomba road 11K
Goomba road2 7.7K
Goomba village 11K
Goomba village2 11K
Gusty gulch adventure 24K
Hang in there Peach 10K
Huff n puff battle 46K
Invite to castle 2.2K
Kammy koopa 16K
Koopa bros 12K
Koopa bros battle 25K
Koopa village 11K
Lavalava island 12K
Lava piranha battle 24K
Legendary starship 20K
Madammerlarsshrine 6.8K
Mario and Peach's theme 9.8K
Marios house 14K
Merlons tent 23K
Miniboss battle 25K
Montymoles attack petu 126K
Mt Rugged 4.3K
Mt Rugged2 11K
Normal battle 19K
Normal battle2 26K
Over shiver mountain 18K
Over shiver mountain 2 22K
Raphael the raven 53K
Shivercity 31K
Shy guy toybox 16K
Starborn valley 12K
Starhaven 122K
Starspirits request 3.7K
Start menu 6.4K
Star way 1.2K
Taycetshouse 35K
Themaster 32K
Themaster2 37K
Titlescreen 29K
Toadtown 6.3K
Toadtown2 7.3K
Toadtown3 15K
Trainride 6.2K
Tubbablubba battle 11K
Tubbablubba pursuitca 28K
Tutankoopa battle 11K
Twinkbids farewell 34K
Twinks theme 8.0K
Twinks theme2 2.6K
Victory over bowser 1.8K
Walking around the blue 3.7K
Wish of the princess 16K
Yoshis island 15K
Yoshis island2 101K

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