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SMB Super Show
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First Aired
06th September 1989

Written by
Phil Harnage

Guest Stars
Sergeant Slaughter (himself), Joseph Griffo (Mini Mario)


Super Mario Bros. Super Show Cartoon Episode 03 - Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid

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Beezos threaten the group of perpetual travelers (Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess) until Mervin the magician saves the day and invites them to his cave.

The magician’s handbook informs the group one person can save the land but they must first pull the golden plunger from the sacred sink of the city. They will be viewed as the real king as bowser took over the castle when the old king died yet did not earn his leadership. Cramalot proves to be in Mario’s dominion after he successfully pulls the plunger from the sink. Koopa is displeased by the news and calls for a koopa troopa attack. Mario would rather have a moment for a mozerella milkshake over being crowned king of Cramalot which gives King Koopa time to arrive with his troopas. A net is placed upon the group yet a golden plunger is used to save the day until the beauty of the Princess is threatened.


The group is captive and in danger and once again Luigi is panicking. Mervin returns with new batteries in his staff to save the day. They are displaced in a forest area and they happen upon a plumber snake called Excalibur which makes Mario Super Mario... A powerful Crusader… When Luigi is needed to help he makes excuses as to why he cannot until he cannot afford to do anything but run across water to escape the killer piranha fish. Mario and Koopa battle plumber tool against plumber tool.


Banter occurs between the two as they fight and eventually the reptile wielding the plunger is disarmed by the plumber with the snake. Koopa throws a potion on the ground creating a door and escapes to Koop another day but the city is safe. While Cramalot offers Mario the title of King, he becomes Royal Mario and declines when he has to be as fit as a lion and give up pasta.

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Patty the sad eyed orphan (Live Action Sketch)

Luigi and an electrician are playing chess while Mario merrily eats. He continues eating though the door bell being rung and (Danica McKeller a.k.a Wendy from The Wonder Years playing) Patty a sad eyed orphan appears. She is disingenuously claiming the day to be her birthday. The plumbers check their wallet resources and so begins cartoon time.


In the live action wrap up the brown boot wearing plumber brothers are doing all they can to please the child calling Mario, “uncle”. When the doorbell rings Patty promptly answers and her parents are present! Her mother forces her to apologize for her deceit and the brothers have a party! A Mario Party? The parents decided to reward the horrible actions of their child!

This episode features interesting scenarios within both the live action and cartoon segments. It was interesting that plumbing tools were utilized in a sword fight with Koopa. Had the games been filled with as many plumbing references as is this series it could have been a fascinating phenomena… would there currently be more plumbers? So many children would have been hooked on the brothers and their occupation


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