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99 Lives
This is an easy way to get 99 lives. Go to world 3-3 and go to the room with the pots that shoot out red shy-guys. go up onto the top platform and pull out the shell. Carry the shell down to the bottom, where there is a pit with a door in it. This is where you entered the room. Throw the shell into the pit and wait for all of the shy-guys to walk in and get hit by the shell. Watch out for the shy-guys coming from both directions! The best player to use for this cheat is Peach.


Bald Birdo:
Get to a part in the game where you fight Birdo. Jump on her head and press B, as if you were picking a vegetable. You will pick up her Bow. You can either throw it at her, which causes it to appear back on her head, or throw it off the edge or something so she is bald.


Deleted saved game
Hold L + R + Select + Start + A + B and power on the system. Keep the buttons held until you are prompted to delete the existing game.


Easy way getting key to door with out getting killed
When you go in a room and and there is one of those keys and there is a long way to get to the door with the key hole (for instance in level 3-2 or 3.)All you have to do is run until the face pops up then throw the key with B then he will go away. If you hold it too long he will come back but just throw the key then he will go away. Simply keep on repeating this until u get to the locked door. Good Luck!


Free hearts:
Find a giant enemy and throw them. Do not through them off a ledge or into an enemy. A heart will pop out of them. You can do this as many times as needed if you do not kill them.


In-game reset
While playing a game, press Select + Start + A + B.


Screen Off
When playing any gameboy that can only be played on gameboy adv.push r and select at the same time to turn off the screen (try a few times to get it, it most likely won't turn the screen off the first time.) Than to turn the screen back on push L & select (the screen will probably turn on the first try.) The game pauses and leaves the GBA on. This trick will save power on your GBA.

Short cut 3-3
After jumping on Birdo's egg and are on the bridge jump across onto a bridge another bridge


Suspend game
While playing a game, press Select + R to suspend the game without turning it off. Press Select + L to resume.

Super Mario Brothers 2: Easy coins:
When you use the magic potion to get the mushrooms, do not pick up the surrounding vegetables (which are coins in the magic door) immediately. Instead, find the location in each level where there are the most vegetables that are close together. Drop the magic potion and go in the door. Pick up as many coins as possible. Repeat this once, after doing something that will make the potion reappear (such as climbing a vine, going down a pipe, or entering a door).

Super Mario Brothers 2: Extra lives:
Each time the spinners start in the bonus round, the second symbol in the first slot is always a cherry. If done correctly, you can guarantee yourself an average at least one extra life per coin.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 1-1: Shortcut:
Reach the door to enter the cave, but do not go in. Go left until you reach the platform near the door. Do a super jump to reach the top hill. Go right to reach a vine. Climb it and go up the level to meet Birdo.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 1-2: Shortcut:
In World 1-2, select Luigi, get the carpet, and fly to the land. Instead of getting the key, pick up the hopping Ninja and throw it in front of the door. Then, prepare a squat jump and wait for him to jump high. If done correctly, you should jump and reach the hill above you. Then, run past the first door and enter the second one to fight the Boss.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 1-3: Warp:
At the end of the outside part, there is a vase object. If you carry a red liquid in a bottle and throw it there, you will go down.
Take a potion to the last vase (past the door) and throw it. Enter the new door and then the vase to warp to World 4-1.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 2-2: Extra lives:
Go through the level until you get to the sand waterfall. After you pass that part, you will see a door. Enter and blow up the wall with bombs to find many Shy Guys walking on a mound. There are three plants at this location. You will find a POW in one of them. Throw it on the ground, which will destroy all of the Shy Guys and results in an extra life. Leave, then return and repeat to get as many lives as needed.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 3-1: Easy coins:
In World 3-1, use Toad, because of his lifting power. Fall down the waterfall, onto the platform where the door is at the bottom. Enter the door and get the magic potion. Drop it anywhere where there is a continuous stream of coins. Enter this door, and get as many coins as possible. Go out the door you used to enter, then return, and repeat once.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 3-1: Warp:
After you go into the first door, walk into the hole. There is a piece of land with another door located there. After you are in the door, go to the end, then start picking weeds. The red ones are placed at random but are usually near the back. If you want a lot of coins, just throw it where you found it. If you want to warp, just throw it near the vase object.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 3-3: Extra lives:
Go to the part in the level where you get the key. There will be a shell you have to pull out just outside of the door where you get the key. Pick up the shell. Throw it and jump on it. Let it run you to the very bottom. Jump off the shell at the very last cliff. Go back up one more cliff, where you can pull out the veggie hearts. The Shy Guys will come falling down, because they can fall of the cliff but cannot reach you if you are on another cliff. They will fall down all the way to the shell. The points will keep adding up, until you get an extra life. Just wait until you get 99. The hard part of this trick is to get away from the Shy Guys and the shell. You may lose one life in the process.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 4-1: Quick ending:
On World 4-1, get the Princess. Go up the vine, but go to the left. Run and fly to a secret door. Go through the door and use the bombs to blow up the wall. Then, jump over the top of the screen and run left.
Information in this section was contributed by Daryl Tucker.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 4-2: Extra lives:
There is a Giant POW in the level. Use it to kill all of the little porcupines around you. Go up the vine and go back down. Sacrifice your energy to get to the POW and kill them again. Go back up and get the Heart by holding Down for a few seconds and jumping. Repeat the process until you get as many lives as needed.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 4-2: Warp:
Take a potion in the second part of the stage, to the only vase. Enter the door and then the vase to warp to World 6-1.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 4-3: Finding Fry Guy:
Use the Princess in World 4-3. A castle will appear after crossing the lake. Do not enter the castle. Instead, fly further across the lake to find another part of the castle.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 5-2 Unlimited lives and points:
Find the location where there are vases with Shyguys coming out. Place a Mushroom Block down so there is one space between the vase and Mushroom Block. Take the other and stand on top of the block. All the Shyguys will come towards you, and get trapped in the space. When there are five in the space, throw the Mushroom Block you have into the space, killing all five Shyguys. This will give you an extra life, and about 10,000 points.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 5-3: Warp:
After entering the first door, use Luigi to reach the vase at the top. There is also a potion located there. Enter the new door and then the vase to warp to World 7-1.

Super Mario Brothers 2: World 6-3: Shortcut:
In World 6-3, climb the vine or go through the door to get to the next area. Then, instead of going right through the world, go left into the quicksand while holding Left. As soon as you see your character's head disappear. Start jumping to the left. Keep going until you reach a door. Go through the door. You should then be on a cloud. Keep jumping from cloud to cloud until you see the door, then enter it.


To get to Star Road
To get to star road go to Vanilla Dome 1 and you will see two yellow pipes and a block. Jump off Yoshi and hit the block. A ladder will go up to a key. Jump off Yoshi onto the ladder and climb. Put the key in the key hole then you are there. p.s. you can get the Blue, Yellow, and Red Yoshi from Star Road.

Yoshi mode:
Successfully complete the entire game of Super Mario Brothers 2 to unlock Yoshi mode You do not need all the red coins. In Yoshi mode, you must find two Yoshi eggs hidden behind the potion doors. There are two eggs for each stage. Successfully complete the Yoshi Challenge to play as Yoshi. The egg on the hill at the title page will burst open, confirming that you have unlocked Yoshi.


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