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17 Lives Free in Forest of Illusion (by Super Mario Fan Guy)
Go to the first level on the forest of illusion and go to the part where the invincible star is and knock as many monsters out as you can before your invincibility is and you can get up to 17 lives!


All Yoshi abilities at once (by coldkiller)
To get all abilities at once with any yoshi, you must eat a yellow koopa when its invincible. Note this doesn't work with eating a yellow koopa (not invincible) or a yellow shell. Once you eat it you can fly, stomp the ground, and spit fireballs.


Beat SMW fast (by coldkiller)
Ok, first beat donut plains 1 alternate goal. Next beat the secret water area in donut plains alternate goal. After that, beat the ghost boss in the
secret ghost house to unlock the first star road warp. Alright now, Beat the first 4 levels of star road alternate goals. When you get to the fitfh level you can take the warp to valley of bowser next to bowsers castle. Just beat it and your done quick!


Bonus Games
On bonus games to get maximum prizes the best bet is to stand in one place, and jump every 2 seconds, if your in the same place, you should technically get of one kind (flower, star or mushroom) which means you win more extra life's.


Climb with an item
Stand next to a vine with an item. Hold Up and release Y to throw the object into the air, and quickly climb the vine while holding Y. Mario will automatically catch the item as it falls, he also continues climbing the vine.


Donut Secret 2 - Special Area / Life
Keep going along the level as normal until you come to a blue pipe, a big one. Go into it and you'll be in an underground room, hit the question block for a Air Balloon to come out, go upwards as straight as you can, so you don't deflate before you get to the next one, you see a question block on the way up, hit that and get the next balloon and continue up, there are two standard yellow blocks at the top, one contains nothing and one contains an extra life (the one on the right).


Double prizes
Get two hold able items (except for shells) and throw it so it is exactly in back/front of the other item. Dash at it and you will notice you are holding both. Clear the course to get double items.

Easy mode (by coldkiller)
Easy mode can be accepted in the title screen of the game SMW. You have to push select on file select on that file. Not much changed. Their are less enemies in stages.


Enter a castle again
To enter a castle that has already been completed (except for the Valley Fortress and bonus rounds), go to the castle and press L + R.


Get out of a level you've already completed
Press Start & Select in a level you've already completed to get out of it. IF you haven't completed the level previously it doesn't work. Quite useful if your small Mario (or Luigi) and you wish to grab an item from the start of a level you've already done, then leave it.


Getting a lot of lives (by coldkiller)
To get a lot of lives you need to get the level SECRET AREA in donut plains. If you don't have it beat the first ghost house on its alternate goal. Go to the second floor by being capped Mario in the first room. Once you unlock the level just get Yoshi and hit the block in the middle. Its usually with Yoshi but it will come as 1up Mushroom. Grab it then go out of the boundaries and come in again then repeat it until your lives go to 999 lives!


Halloween World by Luke
I discovered this a long long time ago, after going to star road, complete that, complete the special levels, when you come out of special world at the opposite end, everything will have changed to be Halloween themed. Screenshots of this will be shown on the Worlds and Maps section.


How to beat levels fast (by coldkiller)
This is for those that are lazy beating levels. If you have a blue Yoshi go and eat a koopa and fly off screen to your right. This will get to you the
end of the goal. If Yoshi swallows just eat another koopa and repeat again.

How to grow a Yoshi faster (by coldkiller)
If you get a baby Yoshi, don't go to trouble making it eat 5 koopas. Just give it an item to eat from your inventory.


How to get tons of points (by coldkiller)
There are two ways to get a lot of points. 1. go to the secret area in donut plains and keep getting items for 1000 points each :) Another go to forest of illusions and keep stomping the caterpillars. They won't give you much points, but it gives you something to do ;)


Luigi and Yoshi
Did you know when your playing as Luigi, Yoshi can swallow more types of enemies?


Use Yoshi in any level with a P. Immediately after stepping on the P, turn around and eat it again. Yoshi will gulp it, you can then spit it out. When it comes out, the P will be full again.


Special Area on Yoshi's Island two
After passing the second set of monty-moles that jump out of the walls at you, you'll come to a gap in the floor, jump over it, and you'll see two bushes, one with a red berry one with a pink berry, and a small blue pipe, go on it and press down and you'll get a room with some flying question blocks. These contain a few life's and a few coins, there are two ways of getting them, either Jump with Yoshi and Jump off Yoshi while your in the air, or pickup the blue blocks provided and throw them upward!


Slide upward on Yoshi
Face toward a slope and press Down and Left or Right to slide upward.


To get Soda Lake (by coldkiller)
A lot of people missed this level and thought they finished everything level, well their wrong. To get Soda Lake you must have Yoshi in cookie
bridge. Don't get the Yoshi wings!!!! Go finish the level normally, but before you cross the finish line jump under the goal and release Yoshi to
jump under and get on the platform in front of the goal. Keep going on until you find another goal line then cross it. You'll unlock soda lake which is hard. Its a water level full of torpedo Ted's and cheep cheep fish. Don't bring Yoshi it makes it harder!!!! Try it you'll Hate it!! ;)


Valley of Bowser: Secret key
In the ghost house, hit the first P switch, and run as fast as you can to the right until you reach the last door (and a free extra life). Go in, but do not hit the P switch yet. Carry it over the tempting coin pyramid, and jump into what appears to be a dead-end (except the door that goes back to the beginning). Hit the question mark box and create a staircase of coins by directing them with the D-pad. You do not have to hold it down -- they will keep going in the last given direction until they hit a wall or coins. After you have made a staircase with them, hit the P switch, and climb up quickly to find a secret key. It also helps if you are small, but it is possible to get in there when you are big -- just duck and jump.

On the first ghost house (not the secret one), get a feather and run to the right. Then run back to the left where you began and fly up. Run to the right to the secret key, and you will be taken to the Top Secret Area.


What's the difference from red, pink, and green berries (by coldkiller)
So you want to know what is the difference to the berries huh. Ok its simple the red berries give you points and if Yoshi eats 5 he lays an egg. Pink berries makes it faster for Yoshi to lays an egg, but gives less points. Green berries just give 10 sec. more on your time limit in the level. Note you only find this berry in long levels.

Yoshi's Island one 3-Up Moon
Once you have a cape and Yoshi, fly through the entire level until you come to a small platform, on this platform you'll see a 3 Up Moon, they're very rare.


If you know about any cheats we don't have, or you have some tips not listed below please let us know and we will add them, crediting the submitter.

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