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Article originally written by Mario_World 7 for Super Mario Portal ( on 8th of October, 2004.


The "X-Arcade". Everyone's wondering what the hell that is? Find out here


Wow. Already the second article. I feel jittery. I don't know why ... But maybe ... JUST maybe ... IT'S YOU GUYS!!! I love all the people who read this, and I'd love to thank Luke for letting me join the SMP Staff so quickly. Now, if only I could have Luke create a "Mario_World7's Fan Collection" with all of my "Present to Future" stories ... maybe they could be the new site copyrighted stories ... hmmmmmm ...

Well, enough chit-chat about me. Time to talk about Mario. The first thing that I want to cover is the thrilling psychology of creating your own arcade machine that can support 1000+ games ... all off of an emulator and an ancient cabinet. Any clue what that could be? Any guesses? No? Then, here it goes: ...

The "X-Arcade". Everyone's wondering what the hell that is? Yeah. Well, the price fluctuates from *$399 - $499* and is very nicely built ... especially if you want to re-live the days of the arcade "Donkey Kong" ...

But, surprisingly, this isn't fiction anymore: it's a reality. If you want it, and you have the money to buy it, then, sure, go ahead. But it may just catch up with your conscience one of these days ... for some people consider ROMs and emulators illegal. Personally, I really don't think so. It may be cheating the ancient companies out of their money, but, seriously, who would want to take the time and buy the original Kirby game for a penny when you can download it off the 'Web for free?

My point exactly. Now, no one should (at the moment) be getting the "Super Mario Bros." ROM off the 'Web, because it has been newly polished and released for the GBA for about $20. So do Nintendo a favor: buy the game. I mean, think for a minute, it may be cash-out-of-your-pocket-expense, but if we pay Nintendo for the quality games they make and Shigeru doesn't hog all the money, he could be hiring extra developers to think up new and refreshing ideas on how to improve "M128"/"SM64-2".

If only everyone thought that way these days, everyone wouldn't be sitting at home, by their computer, downloading ROMs and emulators and old versions of "Sealab 2021" off of [adult swim]. Maybe not everyone will be going to Blockbuster and renting "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" (great movie, mind you).

Maybe everyone will actually get off their butts and drive to their nearest EB Games / Target / nearest Nintendo-game retailer. Now, of course, I hope I'm not digging myself into a rut with Sony and Nokia and Microsoft for their great gaming systems (PS2, N-gage, XBOX) but, seriously, my main job is to write about Nintendo and Mario. Please don't kill me. So, please, I'm urging everyone to stop pirating new games ... wait ... was that the subject I was even on ... ?

Woah ...

... That's a scary prophecy ...

- Article Writer, Mario_World7

* = Old price. Check for current price(s) and details.

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