[MIDI] Wario Land 2 (Game Boy)
Sound effects / music

Wario Land 2

Sounds & Music - Midi's

Title File size
Boss basketball game 7.3K
Bouncy wario 2.2K
Burnt wario 9.5K
Cave 4.3K
Cellar theme 18K
Cellar theme 2 21K
Chapter 1 story 1 3.4K
Chapter intro 7.2K
Cloudy intro 1.4K
Crazy wario 12K
Credits 35K
Defeat bobo 15K
Defeat four ducks 6.2K
Defeat giant spearman 26K
Defeat giant spearman 2 47K
Defeat giant spearman 3 94K
Ending 4.8K
Escape from the factory 26K
Escape from the factory 24K
Escape from the teacup 11K
Escape from the woods 24K
Final boss theme 12K
Flat wario 1.5K
Get in the teacup 28K
Inside the ruins 3.7K
Level end 1.1K
Minigames 3.8K
Mini wario 15K
Mini wario arranged 31K
Raid of the black sugar 11K
Return the hentohernes 25K
Save 1.6K
The really final chapter 20K
Through the thorny maze 13K
Treasure map 4.8K
Turn off the giant faucet 3.5K
Up on the rooftop 12K
Up on the rooftop remix 25K

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