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Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle Walkthrough



Mario Kart: Double Dash (Gamecube) - Items & Special items

You can acquire items by running into the item boxes you find on COURSES and STAGES. The items you receive are determined randomly. Here are the standard items you will find in the game, but keep in mind there are special items too.


You get items from these question boxes

When already carrying an item a player cannot have another, driving through one of these boxes won't get you anything.


Item Box - Hit one of the floating boxes and the read character will gain an item. Double item box - Run into one of these and both the rear and front characters will receive items.


Standard items

Standard items that can be picked up by all players, these are pretty much just the regulars from past Mario Kart games.

Green Shell - Green shells move in straight lines when thrown and knock karts for a loop if they hit. Red Shell - Red shells seek out karts in front of you and flip them over when they strike
Spiny Shell - This winged wonder heads straight for the leader of the pack and explodes on impact. Any kart caught in the blast area will flip. Fake item - These items of deception look just like real item boxes, but all they give you is a horrible accident. Place them where your opponents won't expect it!
Mushroom - These turbo toadstools give karts brief speed bursts. Best used on straights. Triple mushrooms - Triple mushrooms allow you to dash three times in a row.
Star - Stars make karts temporarily invincible and also increase their top speeds. Karts hit by Star-wielding karts will go flying. Thunderbolt - This mighty bolt strikes all opponents at the same time, causing them to spin out, drop their items and shrink in size (Which reduces there speed).
Banana - These slippery skins can be dropped in strategic spots to send rivals into sudden spins.    


Special items

Each pair of characters have a special item that other characters cannot receive. These items are picked up in the same way as standard items.


Mario & Luigi - Fireballs, They split up after being thrown and go sailing ahead. These powerful pyrotechnics can take out multiple opponents at once. Baby Mario & Baby Luigi - Their special item is a chain chomp, This fearsome beast chases karts with reckless abandon, pulling the babies behind it at breakneck speeds.
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong - Giant Banana! Only DK and Diddy know where these monstrous fruit can be found. Once they're in the road they're tough to manouver around. Yoshi & Birdo - Special items, Yoshi Egg and Birdo Egg. These eggs roll down the road and home in on opponents. When they hit and break, they'll drop three more items.
The Princesses - Daisy and Peach have Flying Hearts as their special item. Flying hearts surround the royal ladies karts, and any item that hits them becomes theirs to use. A Cute and handy item. Bowser Jr. and Bowser - Special item, Bowser's shell. An awe-inspiring giant shell! As it careens down the road slamming and ramming into karts, it's the very epitome of Bowser himself.
Paratroopa and Koopa Troopa - Triple shells (red or green) With Koopa and Paratroopa don't worry about not having enough shells. You'll get three at a time! Either three standard green ones or three red heatseeking ones - Depends whose driving. Waluigi and Wario - Special item is a bob-omb, Take aim and give your opponents and explosive surprise. Mess up and you might just hit yourself! This items dangerous to all on the road

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